Saturday, 11 May 2013

Do Plaid still have nothing to Môn about?

So I was wrong it seems . Plaid will not be  be the leading party in coalition on Anglesey rather it has fallen for Labour to fall into bed with the independents  .

The "Independents " in the old council consisted of a number of different groups who were often at war with each other. Which led to the poor performance of the council and the Assembly Government sent in to run the council.

Indeed it was so bad on the Council it was deemed that it was necessary to change the boundaries  for the council wards from largely one seat to three seats wards and reduce the number of councillors from 40 to 30 in order to bring to the end what was sen as the personal fiefdoms of the Independent councillors .

According to Syniadau  last week saw the election of 3  potential type of Independent s.

Original Independents re-elected (6 in total)
Aethwy: Jim Evans
Llifon: Richard Dew, Gwilym O Jones
Lligwy: Ieuan Williams, Derlwyn Rees Hughes
Talybolion: Kenneth Prichard Hughes

Unaffiliated Independents re-elected (3 in total)
Bro Aberffraw: Peter Rogers
Bro Rhosyr: Hywel Eifion Jones
Caergybi: Bob Llewelyn Jones

New independents (5 in total)
Bro Rhosyr: Victor Hughes
Twrcelyn: Richard Owain Jones, Will Betws Hughes
Ynys Gybi: Dafydd Rhys Thomas, Jeffrey M Evans

The new council sees the Independents now listed as a group with only Gwilym O Jones formerly with the "Originals" now listed as  Unaffiliated  

The new council also consists of one lone Liberal Democrat Aled Morris Jones who has been part of the "Originals" grouping ,

Depending on whether Aled Morris Jones joins the ruling coalition it means that the Independent/Lab coalition has  either a 2or 4 seat majority which may prove difficult if they start fighting amongst themselves again.

Plaid may feel bitter towards Labour who are joining with some of the former discredited councillors but Plaid would have had to have more than just 3 Labour councilors  to form a majority.

Plaid may well sighing with relief and thinking that in the long run it may be better to be seen as effective and  United opposition and wait for the new council to fall apart aiming to win an overall majority next time.

The luxury of opposition lies with them and this time they can point to Labour supporting the whole farrago as it slowly falls apart.

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