Sunday, 26 May 2013

Innocent young Muslims girls victims of racisit hate.

When Wales played Ireland in the quarter final of the rugby world cup one of the absolute delights of the day at the free screening at the Millennium Stadium was seeing two young girls wearing Welsh Rugby Shirts and Muslim Headdress. Two young Girls who saying they were Muslim but also that they were Welsh.

So angers and saddens me that Wales Online report  that a young  Muslim woman spat at as charity reports rising anti-Muslim incidents after Woolwich murder

They continue

Charity Faith Matters said it is looking at claims a young woman was spat at in an incident in the Cardiff area and said it was dealing with a significant rise in the number of anti-Muslim incidents in Britain as a result of the attack in Woolwich.
Meanwhile, hateful messages have been posted on social media websites. The Welsh Defence League’s Facebook page boasted a picture of the aftermath of the shocking murder with the message: “Still believe Islam is the religion of peace? How many more have to die to disprove the lie?”
I know people who so outraged with the incident  that they copied this appalling message  . But they are wrong very wrong . You cannot blame all Muslims for what a small number who have a skewed view of the faith as you cannot blame all Christians for the action of what you would consider religious nutters in the USA.
Muslims collecting flowers in Birmingham city centre for the fallen soldier Lee Rigby

Wales Online quote a Swansea solicitor Mamuna Farooq condemned Wednesday’s attack and said the incident has left her scared to go out alone.

Miss Farooq, 27, said:

 “I consider myself to be not just a British Muslim, I would class myself as a Welsh muslim.
“I was born and bred in Wales and would always say my nationality is Welsh, but the religion I follow is Islam.
“I was born and bred in Swansea, have lived in Swansea, studied in Swansea and I’m a solicitor in Swansea. So all my life I’ve been in South Wales.
“I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve never experienced any problems.”
But Miss Farooq, who specialises in Muslim wills at solicitors Douglas-Jones Mercer, added: “I have to admit that I do feel very conscious and won’t in the near future be going out on my own.
“I believe there are certain individuals who have been very upset at the incident that took place in Woolwich and they may want to vent their frustrations on a Muslim.”
Miss Farooq, who wears Islamic headdress, says she feels more vulnerable because her clothing singles her out as an easy target.
The solicitor added: “I try my best to fit in to Welsh society as much as I possibly can, but obviously your religious identity is one that when you are wearing a head scarf can’t be concealed.
“Also I want to maintain my identity at the same time just the same as any other young Welsh person.”

We must resist not only the minority of Muslims who support  the appalling atrocity in Woolwich; But  they do not speak for Islam, and Racist like the English Defence League and it spin off the so called "Welsh Defence League do it no way speak for us.

They are in many ways similar, filled with hate against  our society and probably share ironically the same anti-liberal ideology.

When I think of the Two Welsh Girls I saw at the Millennium stadium I hope that that do not suffer the hate of those who use Woolwich as an excuse for they racist Islamophobia.


  1. Its insulting that muslims say they are appaled yet support islam the religion of terror..where is your article on the 11 yr old lad killed by muslim taunts?

    1. When Republicans and Unionist in Ireland created acts of terror it did not mean that Christianity is a religion of terror. The vast majority of Muslims were as appalled as you or I but their voice do not get the media.

      We should not condemn a race a religion or political belief on the actions pf a small number of fanatics,