Saturday, 18 May 2013

Farage more than meets his match in Salmond.

The media it seems have made no attempt actually t find the make up of the demonstration that met Ukip leader Nigel visit to Edinburgh '

As far as I can make out the demonstration was an organisation called Radical Independents.

Apparently one of the two arrested was English so it may ell have been a mixture of activist  and not has Farage  claimed of Nationalists and certainly not the SNP.

As one of the protesters clearly stated it was Farage's politics  they were addressing when he said

"We don't mind Immigrants coming here but we don't want you."

Others told him the Union Jack was not their flag

Farage told BBC Scotland the incident was deeply racist and displayed a total hatred of the English.

Mr Farage then called on Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond to condemn the behaviour. But he might as well called on all the leaders at Holyrood to do so.

Mr Farage later hung up during a telephone interview with the Good Morning Scotland programme on BBC Radio Scotland after being pressed about his lack of knowledge of Scottish politics and the low level of support for his party north of the border.

He later described the interview as "insulting"

Perhaps the fawning of the London media including the BBC who have failed to robustly question him on his polices and seem content to concentrate showing as a man of the people with a pint in his hand  (does he ever finish one, or is he permanently pissed?)  has gone to his head.

He seems to believe ha is above criticism 

Perhaps  the BBC should for instance should ask Mr Farage 

. "Why he should be visiting Edinburgh pf his knowledge of   Scottish politics  and  why he wasn't in t Aberdeen, where a Scottish Parliament by-election is taking place which apparently the reason for  his visit".

Still its interesting to ponder that Farage may have an agenda here 

Realising that he party has little chance in Scotland he may want to  pander to English Nationalist sentiment resentful of Scotland and who only see the cross of St George in the Union flag.

We can only hope that this week  exposes this  so called  "Man of the people" for the little Englander he is Man of the People! Don''t make me laugh.

 He's a public school educated prat sort of Thatcherite we despised in the 80's and 90's.

Its about time the Media stated to scrutinise him fully and grill him on his policies he has been given a easy ride by the BBC in particular  at times the Politics show looks like an advert for Ukips polices. With Andrew Neil, chief cheerleader.


  1. Channel 4 News took Farage to Bulgaria where a TV presenter actually decide to tackle him on his views. She asked

    "Won't all your women get mustaches because of inbreeding if you don't have immigration?"

    That wiped the grin off his face. Now that's what I call fighting fire with fire.

  2. Both Welsh and Scottish nationalism is racist in the extreme. It is possible that they take every opportunity to tie the racist tag on England to distract from their own vitriolic hate.
    If they hate us so much why the hell don't they have the guts to sod off and pay their own bills?
    The problem is that this natioinal hate is starting to migrate to England and I am sure that the countless Welsh and Scots that depend on England for a living don't want that.

    1. Phoenix I assume that you mean that there are some extremist nationalist who are racist. That mau be true but they are a very small number.

      However it is my experience that the most Anti-English sentiment comes from those who attack any idea of a Civic-political identity and vote for Unionist parties.

      The SNP and Plaid have a proud record against racism in any form.