Monday, 13 May 2013

How frightened are Welsh Tories of Ukip?

Why are Conservative MPs preparing to vote for an amendment criticising the Queen's Speech for not including a bill paving the way to an EU referendum?

Aberconwy MP Guto Bebb will support a backbench amendment in the Commons, although he argues that he is not an EU rebel, but in the Tory mainstream.

Cardiff North MP Jonathan Evans  amf  Montgomery MP Glyn Davies will probably vote against the amendment.

David Davies is undecided, while and Wales Office ministers and  Clwyd Wes MP David Jones and Preseli Stephen Crabb will abstain.

The other two other Conservative MPs Vale of Glamorgan Alun Cairns and Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire Simom Hart have yet to declare their their voting intentions.

But  why this are they doing this?

The Coalition, cannot as theLib Dems will not  agree In/Out referendum before 2015, hold such a referendum before the next election.

Of course a large number of Conservative MPs are looking at Ukip and the threat it posses to their seats 

2010 Election Click on below it should appear.

A couple of Thousand votes for Ukip most of which would come from "Natural Tories coupled with a general swing to the other Parties would see doom to most Tory MPs.

So we are probably seeing a desperate bid for these Tories to establish their Euro Sceptic credentials.

Hopefully they will not relaise that teh main support for Ukip comes from those opposed to Immigration.

Otherwise we will se some very unpleasant comments coming from the mouths of a large number of Tory MPs as they move further to the right to apease those supporters of "The Naty Party"  who are considering voting for an even Nastier party.

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