Thursday, 2 May 2013

Coup Threat On Cardiff Council

Almost exactly a year after winning a landslide victory on Cardiff council  which saw Labour make 33 gains and decimate the other parties . There appears to be an imminent coup on Wales' Largest Council.

Cardiff Council Election 2012[4]
PartySeatsGainsLossesNet gain/lossSeats %Votes %Votes+/−
 Liberal Democrat1618-1821.3
 Plaid Cymru24-42.6

The Labour leader says of the  council says she “won’t lay down and die easily” if, as expected, a leadership challenge is mounted against her next week.
According to Wales Online
The name of a candidate to run against Councillor Heather Joyce will be announced on Monday, sources in the ruling Labour group yesterday told the Echo.
It’s widely known the 46 Labour councillors are divided in two camps and it’s thought just a couple of votes could decide the contest.
The vote will take place at the Labour group’s annual general meeting on May 13. A challenger from is also expected to run against the council’s deputy leader Ralph Cook.
If a new leader is elected, they have the power to handpick a new cabinet, potentially casting doubt on the policies and priorities of Wales’ biggest local authority.
Rebel Labour backbenchers have for months said they are frustrated at not being kept informed and involved in decision-making by cabinet members.
Asked yesterday if she believed she still had the support of all members of her group, Coun Joyce said:

“We are a very large group and a very diverse group. A lot of them are young, they are ambitious and they did not come into this job for cuts.
“It’s been difficult for them, but I admire the spirit in them and challenge is good, there is nothing wrong with challenging decisions.
I bet she thinks that 

Clearly a landslide has not helped Heather Joyce  as it allows people who are not given any cabinet ot other positions to brood on the backbenches.

It may be simply an opportunity for some councilors to claim they are fighting the cuts from within the ruling party.

Of course some might see the dead hand of Éminence grise Russel Goodway but I doubt he has a role in this. Though he may be waiting to see the result. and biding his time.

We will have to wait to see who the challenger who must have already been sounding out support is.

But it looks like if Councillor Joyce will be damaged if there is vote of over 10 of her colleagues against her.

But even if she survives. Will the rebels still follow the whip or consider defecting?

Heather Joyce, may be wishing that the much celebrated by her party regaining  of Cardiff only a year ago with  a 15 seat majority may not have been so emphatic.


  1. Both Cardiff City council and south Glamorgan has had a history of coups, dont forget Jack Brook's ousting of Bob Morgan (Eluned's dad and left winger)

  2. The crap Plaid showing in Cardiff masks the fact that their vote was actually the highest Plaid result ever. Keep building for the future.