Sunday, 17 March 2013

UK Parties Wrap Themselves In The Union Flag.

The Tories seem to have quietly changed their Logo .

It used to be a stylised Oak Tree

But they seem to have replaced the Green with a Union flag

And this appears on their website.

The Welsh Conservatives seem to be sticking with their tree which was different anyway it supposed to be a sessile oak,

So what will we be seeing on our leaflets come election time? 

The Welsh logo a Oak Tree?
The UK Logo a Union Flag Tree?
A Dragon Tree?

It may sound trivial  but it is an indication of the Tories  seeing a threat from Ukip and the rest of the right and rapping themselves in the Union flag.

Its not just the Tories ED Milliband seems to be using the Union rather than the Red Rose for his One Nation Labour crap

So two of the main parties abandoning their own logo for the Union flag .and when you look at the pictures of the two leaders irs hard to work out whose who.

Rather pathetic isn't it


  1. I wouldn't qualify 'pathetic' as you do. The adjective is sufficient on its own. I can also think of others.

  2. No different to the year of the BNP memorabilia, in shops , on TV, on cushions, balloons, mugs and everywhere possible to try to push the 'brand'. A concerted but desperate campaign by the British establishment aided by big business, the retail sector and the broadcasters 'Great British' everything!

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