Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Luxembourg!!! . Warns over Scottish Independence

BBC Scotland runs with a report that the government of Luxembourg has warned against Scotland becoming an independent country.

It says:

Foreign minister Jean Asselborn said the current economic crisis in Europe was a time for solidarity, rather than for "going separate ways".
Luxembourg is the only country outside the UK to have publicly expressed a view for or against independence.
Scottish Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Mr Asselborn was "entitled to his view".
She added that the 2014 independence referendum was a matter for Scotland.

Of course Luxembourg has  benefited from its membership of the UN the EU  and other International Organisationsas an Independent nation.

With a population of  524,853 they hare  6 members in the European Parliament  to Scotland's 5 ( pop 5,295,000 ).
But Luxembourg also have one of the vital European Commissioners (out of 27).

And that may be the reason behind Luxembourg apparent opposition.

Maybe they feel that a number  of former regions like Scotland, Catalonia ,the Basque Country and Wales were to dilute the EU it might dilute their influence and call for more Qualified Majority Voting .

Luxembourg size does in no way make it illegitimate nor should  it prevent it from being treated as an equal nation.

But it is sad that they seem to want it to be denied to other small Nations,


cynicalHighlander said...

BBC Scotland in spotlight again as second Foreign Minister claims EU comments misrepresented

Luxembourg's Foreign Minister has backtracked on a comment about Scotland's independence which was quoted in the British media, saying it was misinterpreted.

Anonymous said...

Glyn - seems the British Propaganda Network (aka BBC) rather misrepresented what was said (again - they did the same with comments by the Irish foreign minister a month ago!)

glynbeddau said...

Thanks to the above for bringing us up to date. However Jean Asselborn does seem to have a negative view of Scotlands bid. Saying:.

As we are all facing serious economic and social challenges, this is a time for solidarity between Member States of the EU and within Member States, rather than for going separate ways.

"This being said, Scotland’s constitutional future is a matter to be decided by the people of Scotland.

"But its future within the EU is a matter for the whole EU and can thus only be determined with the agreement of all Member States."

Which is worrying.