Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cardiff Council advertise for Labour Crony sorry advisor to leader

Wales Online tell us that 
Cardiff council took out an advertisement in The Sunday Times at weekend – believed to have cost about £6,000 – for the newly created position of “head of cabinet office”.
So they may be aggrieved at Thomsonn House that the Council had not used Wales on Sunday or  Wasting Mule for the advert . for advisor for council leader Heather Joyce
Still  as the say:
Opposition councillors yesterday said it was “obscene” to spend £80,000 on an advisor when the Labour-run council last month agreed £22m in budget cuts, including the loss of more than 300 jobs.
But local government consultant Jeff Jones, a former Labour leader of Bridgend council, said the law should be changed to allow local authorities to appoint political advisors, as happens in the United States.
The job advertisement described the post as an “exciting opportunity to play a central role supporting Cardiff council’s leader and her cabinet in the delivery of an ambitious political vision”.
As an advisor to the leader Heather Joyce, they will shape policy “that will secure the best possible outcomes for Cardiff” and lead the council’s communications and media team.
The appointment is part of a management restructure that will see the number of top-tier directors increase from 17 to 23. The shake-up adds £1.1m to the wage bill, but Labour insists it will be “cost neutral” by cutting spending on management consultants.
 Councillor Judith Woodman, leader of the Liberal Democrat group, said:

 “This is obscene. To spend £80,000 for someone to advise Heather Joyce beggars belief. Just think how many services this money would have protected and jobs saved. It could have stopped the distress many have suffered as a result of Labours savage budget cuts.”
Those who believe that Heather Jouce already has an Éminence grise in fellow Councillor (and former leader Russel Goodway) may wonder whose ear will the adviser be speaking into.

Jeff Jones  call that th law should be changed to allow local authorities to appoint political advisors, as happens in the United States. Looks like a Cronies Charter to me /

There are to many Political Advisors on the public purse as it it is as professional politicians  who have never really worked in the real world  leave University and work for a MP AM and if Jeff Jones has his way your local Council Boss.

They then go on to take up a safe seat and as in David Cameron and Ed Miliband end up leading their party.

But in the case of  Cardiff. How can Labour Councillors look those who have lost their jobs in the cuts they are imposing whilst at the dame time welcoming someone who is probably a party member climbing the greasy pole in his or her advisor role.


  1. I should point out that Bethan Jenkins has not had a real job. She left University worked as a staffer for Leanne Wood before she was selected for a Assembly seat.

    1. All the Parties a re guilty of this

    2. However Labour is guilty par excellence when it comes to it as in the case of Sophie Howe former Cardiff cllr and staffer as asst Commissioner to Alun Michael

  2. I am not sure what Jeff Jones is talking about, does he suggest that US mayors etc have political staffers? That I don't know I have never heard of such a thing unless you talking about a "chief of Staff", however the difference between a American Mayor who is full time and in charge of the day to day running and a Council leader who is part time delegate much their power to officers you wonder why they would need one.