Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bethan Jenkins fails to attend Censure Motion.

So  of Am  Bethan Jenkins come under fire from her peers after she went to London to support former Visteon workers fighting a pension dispute rather than stand like a naughty schoolgirl  before the plenary hearing on the censure motion.

Lets be clear Bethan had committed a serious and dangerous offence and had been found  more than twice the legal drink-drive limit and was disqualified her from driving for 20 months after she pleaded guilty to the offence at a Cardiff Magistrates’ Court hearing in December.

But she had already been tried and punished.

Why was there a need to repeat her humiliation?

In the chamber, Liberal Democrat AM Peter Black said that Ms Jenkins’ absence was “disrespectful”.
He told AMs

: "It is not a pleasant task reprimanding any member for their behaviour, but it is important that we maintain the reputation of our democratically-elected Assembly."The last time we debated a censure of this nature, the Member concerned stood before us and apologised in person. That was appropriate and honourable."I note that the subject of this report is not even in the chamber. I consider that absence to be disrespectful. I would've expected that she would've publicly repeated to us the apology that she reportedly gave to her group for her behaviour. I'm sorry that has not happened."
Peter Black March 13 2013

Keith Davies, the Labour AM for Llanelli, who was rebuked after a late-night drinking session with a mystery woman at the St David’s Hotel in Cardiff.

When Mr Davies was officially censured by the Assembly, he delivered an oral statement in person in the chamber and apologised for his actions.
But Keith Davies had not gone to court and had not been fined the censure was a form of punishment.
Bethan Jenkins after her conviction should have read a oral statement to the Assembly apologising for he actions

However Bethan  may well have not helped herself with her Twitter entry  defending  her absence, saying she had informed her chief whip “months ago”, as well as informing the chair of the standards committee this week.

She wrote: 
"I have apologised many times 2 public, 2 my constituents. 700 people from my area needed me in london today.
Bethan Jenkins March 12 2013
In response to a tweet from Mr Black referencing  Simon Thomas’ previous comments regarding Keith Davies, When he said 

“I thank the Member for Llanelli for his oral statement today. I think that it was appropriate and it sets a precedent, hopefully, for any similar cases that arise in future.
Simon Thomas March 13 2013

she added:

 “Dont be so petty, Peter, seriously now. Judge me on what I do and say, respectfully.”
Bethan Jenkins March 12 2013
She then added:

“All I will say is ‘what comes around, goes around’.

This alas may come back to haunt her as the Party seek to nominate candidates for the regional list in  2016. 


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