Saturday, 9 March 2013

Plaid's eyes are on Môn

Last nights Plaid's Political Party Broadcast wasn't at all bad and Leanne Wood even managed   even managed to mention  the motto of Coleg Harlech  'A fo ben bid bont.' (He who would be a leader must be a bridge) which gladden the heart of this student  and the hope that {Plaid might look at the problems it is facing these days.

This was cleverly mixed with the views of several Welsh Bridges but in particular those crossing the Menai.

Why the Menai you may ask?

Because the only elections in Wales of any importance will be on Anglesey when the delayed council elections will take place

The current composition is hard to work out because of the Independent grouping but at the moment it about

Original Independents 14
Plaid Cymru 8
Labour 5
Lais y Fon 5
Unaffiliated 5
Total 40

But the island will have 11 new wards and the number of county councillors will drop from 40 to 30, the local government  this year and some have predicted this may favour Plaid. particularly if they can persuade some Independents to stand under Party colours.

So May 2013 which would have had very little interest for the Party now takes an important Mantle . Winning control of the Isle of Anglessy  Council or even becoming the largest Party would be a major boost.

It would not be the first time Môn Mam Gymru have provided a boost for the Blaid .

After the 1983 elections Plaid were in somewhat of the doldrums but the Keith Best scandal allowed them to win the parliamentary seat in 1987 and give them a new momentum.

Hence the shots of the bridges over the Menai and the recent Plaid spring conference in Beaumaris 

To what extent Plaids campaign on the Island will be helped or hindered by  Plaids leader  of Gwynedd Dyfed Edwards, saying  one council for the north east and another for north west Wales could address a "significant financial challenge". is open to question.

But Plaid has fired the first shots it will be interesting how the other parties respond and  how many candidates in a council still dominated by Independents will be wearing party colours.

Update it seems that Plaid have already had a boost

 Alan Mummery, who was elected as an Independent candidate in Gwyngyll division  in 2008 and is sitting as an unaffiliated councillor, has joined Plaid Cymru and will be standing for re-election as their candidate in May. However he has not formally joined the party group on the council.

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