Thursday, 7 March 2013

LibDems influencing UK Government. My Arse.

The UK government in its submission to the  Silk commission said  it does not believe there is a case for "radical" changes to Welsh devolution.

The Cons//Lib Dem coalition also suggests responsibility for policing, broadcasting and large energy projects should be retained at Westminster.

They claim scope of the assembly's powers says arrangements are largely satisfactory.

But it says teachers' pay and rail franchising could be devolved.

So much for Peter Black's much vaunted Lib Dems "Influencing Coalition Government"

Because the UK Government views are every different from that of The Leader if the Welsh Liberal Democrats,

Only last week at Subordinate Central. La Passionaria wrote

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats have today published their submission to the Silk Commission, which they believe will make progressive steps in securing home rule for Wales.
In a wide ranging piece, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have called for:
A new model for devolution
A separate legal jurisdiction for Wales following substantial preparatory work
Devolution of prisons and policing
Devolution of energy planning
Powers for the National Assembly to alter electoral arrangements for local elections, including electoral reform
and lowering the voting age to 16
Significant changes to the regulation of broadcasting
Additional powers for Wales over family services, including fostering of vulnerable children
I am immensely proud of the Welsh Liberal Democrats’ strong held belief of securing home rule for Wales and I believe our submission today follows in that tradition.
The Welsh Liberal Democrats were instrumental in establishing the Silk Commission as we believe Wales must have a proper functioning Parliament. Our proposals today would make a giant step towards achieving that goal".
Kirsty Williams March 2nd 2013
And She continued
"We are calling for a new model for devolution which will clearly define what is devolved and what is not. It is evident that there is still a certain amount of confusion over which areas are devolved to Wales and which are reserved by the UK Parliament. Never again can we allow the legal mess that unfolded with the Supreme Court to happen. Wales’ devolution system is crying out for clarity"
So far there  seems to be no reaction from  La Pasionaria Peter Black,  or the pages  of Subordinate Central on how they can be calling for Home Rule when their Government colleagues are  claiming the Status Quo  is "largely satisfactory",

There appears to be no influence from the Welsh Liberal Democrats on their Westminster colleagues h.
How ridiculous is it that one part of the Party is calling  for greater Devolution while their Westminster Colleagues ar4 putting their name to a submission that

It would be interesting if  the Labour Opposition in Westminster  plans for Devolution . Will their 2015 Manifesto for the next General Election be any different from Carwyn Jones .

At the end of her report on the Radio 4 Six O'clock News Betsan Powys  BBC Wale's Political editor, claimed that

"The future of Devolution  lies with who wins the next General Election,"

She  is wrong

The future of Devolution depends on the Welsh People. Not the UK Parliament  or Silk or an Commission

Only when the Welsh People start voting for Political Parties committed to Independence will Westminster Listen..

Unless this happens we will continue to have piece meal devolution .

In the meantime Welsh Labour ,Welsh Liberal Democrats Welsh Conservatives and even Plaid can call for what ever they like .

Westminster is not listening



maen_tramgwydd said...

Many of PB's blog comments are in defence of said Coalition.

Ome can ask, "Where now, Peter, is the LiBDem's policy of a federal UK?"

If we are unfortunate enough to get a LibDem government in the future, thankfully a very remote possiblity, we can expect Wales to continue to be screwed by Westminster just as in the past.

You are quite right. People have to stand up for themselves to get respect in this world. This applies to Wales and its people, just as it does in everyday life.

Salmond and the SNP are being attacked right left and centre in the British nationalist media, including the BBC, but despite that Scotland is being noticed, and more powers will be coming their way, regardless of what happens in 2014.

I'm expecting the opinion polls to narrow considerably as the referendum approaches. The Scots are a canny people who don't like to show their hand until they have to. Unless the Bitter Together bunch, led by the former Chancellor who presided over the worst financial crisis in tge UK's history, get their act together and come up with positive proposals for further radical devolution of powers, then they are likely to be disappointed when the outcome of the referendum is declared.

It's true that there is a split between Cardiff and Westminster, but it's not deep enough to cause the Labour and Tory puppets in the Assembly to rebel against their leaders in London.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Scots are paying heed to this. Talk of greater devolution for Scotland after a 'no' vote is clearly a con. It is clear that 'devolution' has reached its limits in the face of an intransigent Westminster-Whitehall machine.