Saturday, 2 March 2013

Pisspoor ST David's day on the TV.

Yesterday contribution to ST David day was a huge disappointing.

BBC Wales give us a short piece with  Connie Fisher ( I love Wales followed by Owen Money and friends a program I failed to find particularly inspiring

S4C give us its annual Can I Cymru but no new productions of merit

Still at east they spend some money. The so called ITV Cymru/Wales appears to have made no effort to mark Wale's National Day.and ITV Cymru/Wales should be sued for false advertising for claiming to "Welsh".
Do they really think News and Current Affairs,"The Ferret", and Trefor Fishlock walking around the country justifies Cymru/Wales?

The rest of the Television Media also made no real contribution.

So largely we had very little to watch and once again an opportunity has been lost.

ITV,BBC Wales and S4C should get together and agree that every three years one of them will produce a major dram/Film related to Wales.

Not just Made in Wales but about Wales.

This would be shown at prime Time on ST David's Day and repeated on one of the UK channels the next day or so.

How much longer can we put up with ITV ignoring Wales? when it comes to programmes other than News or Current affairs (which they  is mandatory compelled to show).

At least give us something to be proud off at least once a year.


Anonymous said...

but BBC Radio managed to send their afternoon show to celebrate - in New York!

Anonymous said...

well said, as long as large parts of the population remain part time patriots during the Six Nations and for St David's Day the 'Welsh' media will keep serving up the dross they do, Owen Money was embarrassing and Connie Fisher's effort wasn't much better.

There was also precious little coverage on BBC Wales and ITV Wales news of the major parade in Cardiff yesterday, but lots of Charles and Camilla which tells you where their loyalties remain.

Shambo said...

Don't know about you but I'm Welsh ever day. Don't need TV to remind me.