Monday, 4 March 2013

Hammond: Cut welfare to pay for our millitary adventures

If you were under any delusion that the Tories are using the current financial crisis to justify what they would like to do anyway ie (cut welfare) you can  look at the news that he Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, has sparked a new outbreak of coalition feuding, calling for fresh welfare cuts in order to protect spending on the armed forces.

The Tory ,Minister used an interview during a trip to the Royal Marines Arctic training camp in Norway to point out that a cut of .5 per cent in the welfare bill would be enough to provide the funding the military needs.

So in order to carry on the illusion that the UK is still a world power, the poor and needy  will be robbed to pay for it

To that end young men and women have been deployed in foolhardy missions like Iraq and Afghanistan which  have yet to prove after over10 years stable and democratic governments.

Nor has there been any real attempt to root out corruption and incompetence in the defence industry or the over staffing of senior officers. Do we still have more Admirals than major warships?

The problem is that the major opposition party are wedded to the same aggressive policies (indeed responsible for) as the government.

The power of the military complex his huge and there has been a highly successful campaign to integrate the image of the British Armed Forces in the mind if the public.

The charity "Help the Heroes" may be a a worthy cause but why is it needed why doesn't the government fully fund aid to those those injured  personnel and their dependents including those killed.

Is it being used as a cynical ploy to support not the injured and maimed but to justify their sacrifice.

How many more must die or be maimed to satisfy Politicians desire to be on the world stage, the top Brass justifying their positions and armed manufactures making puge profits by providing inadequate or the wrong equipment.

Meanwhile the ordinary soldier put his or her life on the line and their poor and needy friends back home have been asked to accept cuts in welfare to pay for it.

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