Friday, 30 September 2011

Gwynedd By-elections Plaid win both seats

There were two By-elections in  Gwynedd last night. and credit  to Blog Menai for being so up to date with the result

Diffwys a Maenofferen

Catrin Elin Roberts, Llais Gwynedd - 153
Mandy Williams Davies, Plaid Cymru - 210
Olaid Gain from Llaus Gwynedd

Plaid Gain

This was the second Byelection in  Diffwys a Maenofferen in this period Llais Gwyned had held the seat in a By-election in July 2010  when the result was

Llais Gwynedd 185 (50.5%; +1.2)
PC 181 (49.5%; +8.3)
[Lab 0 (0.0%; -9.6)]   


Rhian Jones, Llais Gwynedd -233
 Dafydd Thomas, Annibynnol  (Independent) - 91
 Gareth Thomas, Plaid Cymru - 515

Plaid Hold

This could have been a difficult one for Plaid  as their former councilor, Dewi E Lewis,  was jailed for theft of £53 000 from the post office he ran and you would normally have expected a Backlash. It is possible that there was some sympathy for Evans and acceptance that he took the cash to keep his business afloat.

Hpwever it was  clearly a bad night for Llais Gwynedd and one wonders they will go the same way of Blanau Gwent Peoples Voice and the group in Torfaen. I suspect it will depend on how much in common they have apart from the school reorganisation issue and I suspect very little.

The result  means that Plaid now have a overall majority on Gwynedd council.


  1. Penrhyn - Gareth Thomas, PC - 515 ... but Dafydd Thomas, Annibynol (independent) 905.

    How's this a Plaid gain?

    Where's Diffwys?

  2. Sorry Independent should have read 91 . Have corrected it.