Sunday, 4 September 2011

Maybe we should ignore Clarkson, but the BBC shouldn't

It seems that Jeremy Clarkson  has been attacking Wales again .

In his Sun column he wrote

“I think we are fast approaching the time when the United Nations should start to think seriously about abolishing other languages.
“What’s the point of Welsh for example? All it does is provide a silly maypole around which a bunch of hotheads can get all nationalistic.”
Peter Black has an interesting take for he writes on his Blog. commeting ....
" I do not blame those who wish to respond in this way. The comment is complete nonsense, but really is it worth getting into a lather over? On the other hand surely it is time to put Clarkson out to pasture".
What a ridiculous position. I don't really see an argument for ignoring something from someone who is at the same time commenting on it

Personally I blame the BBC, who have let Clarkson get away with his offensive remarks for far to long. He is a classic Schoolboy bully along with his two sniggering Top Gear minions James May and Richard Hammond.Who follow him around hoping that if he picking on someone else he wouldn't be picking on them

But the BBC is always inconsiderable when it comes to Clarkson 

Remember the BBC reaction to Carol Thatcher when the British media reported that during the 2009 Australian Open Thatcher had, in a conversation in the show's green room, referred to a black tennis player, reportedly Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, as a golliwog.

According to The Times, Thatcher called Tsonga "half-golliwog" and "the golliwog Frog". Presenter Adrian Chiles, comedian Jo Brand, journalists and several guests were with Thatcher when she made the remark. When others protested about her use of the word, Thatcher stated through her spokesperson that the comment was meant in jest.

The BBC stated that Thatcher would not work again on The One Show unless she made a more sincere apology Thatcher refused, saying "I stand by what I said. I wasn't going to apologise. I never meant it in a racist way. It was shorthand. I described someone's appearance colloquially—someone I happen to greatly admire."

There was no excuse for her remarks but they were not broadcast on Air and came to light after others complained. Clarkson and his colleagues on the other hand has made offensive remarks on Air and in Print 

I never seen Clarkson voice his views in a real debate with someone opposed what he spews out. Any one who even remotely suports any form of environmental  agenda is mocked on Top Gear and in Clarksons newspaper column but how long would he last in a meaningful  debate without sounding like the ignorant bully he is. This is the man who seemingly believes that
"eco-mentalists" are a by-product of the "old trade unionists and CND lesbians" who had found a more relevant cause"
Interviewing Alastair Campbell on Top Gear Clarkson once said
"I don't believe what I write, any more than you (Alastair Campbell) believe what you say"

I think he does believe in what he writes .How long will the BBC put up with him and views they would not tolerate in any other personality?. Probably as long as people watch Top Gear for fear he would decamp to SKY if censured to much. Personally I can't wait for him to do so.

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