Monday, 26 September 2011

Wales win against Namibia but it was not a fair fixture..

Don't get me wrong It was a fine Welsh performance this morning against Namibia and has eased my woories over the Fiji Game. But its a disgrace that Namibia were forced to play us only 4 days after playing South Africa. The fixtures should be fare not based on preferential treatment of the top tier nations based on "Fan appeal or broadcast considerations" as the IRB admits.

Samoan Centre Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu may have gone overboars with his twitter rant.
 "IRB, Stop exploiting my people. Please, all we ask, is fairness. If they get a week, give us a week. Simple. justice."he later added: "Ok, it's obvious the IRB are unjust. Wales get 7 days, we get 3. Unfair treatment, like slavery, like the holocaust, like apartheid."Give Wales 3 days off and give Samoa a week! We would kill them!""You can't get punished for speaking out against injustice. That would be unjust. Anyone can tackle a man. Try tackling injustice."

But he had a point over the unfairness of  making his side and other sides which are not seen in the top tier of Rugby play games with less of a break than those seen to be over  the top and his references to Slavery and the Holocaust allowed most of the media to miss the legitimacy of his argument.

Apart from being unfair it darn right dangerous. It was clear Namibia  were tiring badly in the Scrum at the end of the game against Wales and it could have resulted in a serious injury, The IRB should make sure that such discrimination should not happen again .

On another not surly  Bagpipes are much of a cultural  importance to Scotland as the Haka is to New Zealand? So why are they banned from the stands?


  1. Somebody said to me yesterday......"I hope SA don't 'throw' the game v Samoa. If they lost to Samoa they would then have an easier time reaching the final. They wouldn't do that would they?

  2. Indeed, come the next tournament, this inbalance must be addressed.

    I agree on the bagpipe front as well, no shortage of French horns in there, so why no pipes?!

  3. Anonymous 12:31.

    It would be risky and no side that has lost a game have ever won the World Cup so I can't see it happening.

  4. Especially a country like Namibia (or SW Africa) where their low pop aqnd prob low amount of men playing the game, prob nowhere near as many as the 80,000 welshmen who play rugby

  5. I guess the only way around this would be to extend the tournament, but then the RWC is long enough as it is. I think they should consider reducing the number of teams from 20 back to 16 (four pools of four), and all nations not just the 'elite 8' having to go through a qualifying tournament a year before. Same as in football. Too many pointless games in the RWC with teams who are highly unlikely to progress pass the group stages.