Monday, 12 September 2011

When Plaid met Gaddafi embarrassing but 35 years old.

It seems that the Western Mail  have dug up an old story of a Plaid Cymry Delegation travelling to Libya for funding Talks with Colonel Gaddafi..

Although the headlines look sensational you have to read the article to find that thee events took place in the 1970's .

In fact it was in 1976 seven years after Gaddafi had seized power and was first reported I believe in (the much missed magazine Rebecca). So congrats to the Western Mail researcher for digging in this up35 year old story up but no points for trying to present in as a current news Story..

I'm not going to defend Plaids action at the time because it was pretty indefensible and even in 1976 it was cleat that Gaddafi was a ruthless dictator whohould't have been touched with a Bargepole except to say that most Western Governments had a dubious relationship with the Libyan dictator.

At the time I thought it was an embarrassment  for the Party but since there was no further exposures of Plaid -Libya links it does seem to be a one off and I would have expected the Labour government of the day (or Thatcher's 3 years latter) for a chance to accuse Plaid to be in the pay of the Libyan dictator a major  issue  it if there was anything really serious in it.It could be rightly argues that those involved should come clean and the evasion of some of those involved does them no credit but lets face it its not a major scandal today.

I could be wrong ,Perhaps papers will appear in Tripoli that Plaid was awash with Libyan gold in the latter part of the 1970's but I doubt it.

One can expect Plaid opponents to seize on this and its no suprise that Subordinate Centre in thier uusall
manner copy the Western article in full and then add thier pithy comment. in this case

"Willa fuller (Sic) story ever emerge? Not if Plaid Cymu have anything to do with it."
To tell the truth I don't blame them for concentrating on a 35 year old scandal in Plaid rather than  the more up to date story in the Daily Telegraph  that The Liberal Democrats' biggest donor has become one of Britain's most wanted men after being convicted of stealing millions from a form a former football boss.

I shall be looking at the next Subordinate Central to catch up with current events and their calls of whether they should return the £2.5 million pounds they have received from a convicted felony

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  1. That's ok then Gaddaffi was a nice bloke in the 1970's