Saturday, 24 September 2011

Danish Elections and Three Liberal parties

Further to my last post on the plight of the Libdems sister party in Germany the Free Democrats . I have just reads Ffranc Sais's Blog on the comparative succes of the Liberals in Denmark. Though I find his assertion that because there because there are two has two fully-accredited Liberal parties. That Danish Voters are getting Two parties for one is a bit optimistic.

In the  Danish Election the result was

There were Three what you could cal Classical Liberal Parties Standing.
  • Venstre ( It translates as Left but means Liberals in actuality) a A centre rightFreemarket Liberal Party which is tied to Agranianism.
  • Radikale Venstre  More accurately translated as Radical Liberals A centre Left Liberal Party 
  • Liberal Alliance centre party based on Economic Liberalism which is currently not a member of the European Liberal grouping.
As you can see in the Election the parties aligned them selves in Left Right fractions

The Red Alliance
of the Social Democrats ,Radikale Venstr.Socialist Peoples Party and Red-Green Alliance
The Blue Alliance.
of Venstre,Danish People's Party ,Liberal Alliance,Conservative People's Party, and Christian Democrats (Who dis not win any seats)

So although they lost a seat the Social Democrats led by Neil Kinnock's daughter in law will form a government  because their alies the Left leaning Liberals andfLeft Red- Green alliance made gains

If I was a Liberal Democrat I would note not so much the presence of three Liberal parties in Denmark but the success of the Left leaning one  as they own party under Clegg drifts further to the right asset out in  the  Orange Book then  perhaps its a  time to  consider a move back towards the current Liberal Party after all its not just Denmark that has more than one and can the LibDems really contain those who are little more than Tories with a Coniscience  and those who like Ffranc Sais still have a bit of radicalism in them.


  1. Three parties in the UK are slowly drifting to the right, listening to Miliband telling us about the squeezed Middle, and hard working families I suspect before to much Longer we will see Miliband speaking in the Blair way.

    New Labour refounded

  2. Anonymous 20:02

    Alas you are right and its not helped by our electoral system which means that the three main Parties are financed by donations from business who have them at their beck and call