Friday, 16 September 2011

Let me through I'm a politician.

At first I was impressed by Peter Hain  and other  polticians and community leaders actions with regards the men have been trapped by water at Gleision Colliery near Cilybebyll, Pontardawe in the Swansea Valley . As the local MP he seamed to be saying the right things and doing what is part of his job.

However his constant aperances in the Press conferences presents the danger  "that he is the Story".

I do not entriley blame in I could have easily entitled this "Let me through I'm from the BBC" . I accept there is a vital need for the public to be kept up to date but there must be a question of when the in thier frantic haste towards being first with the news  become a hindrance to the rescue operation as jaxxlander has already pointed out.
......there is something distasteful about how press and politicians seem to outnumber rescuers as events unfold at the mine in Pontardawe?.
 There was also something ghoulish about the speculation of the trapped miners as some of the press questions asked  of those actually conducting the rescue proved.

Can the vast number of media and people constantly on tap to add their comments which often add nothing to our knowledge and often revert to pure speculation which must prove distressing to the families involved . especially in the era of 24 Hour News become a potential hazard to the rescue operation.?

I admit Peter Hain is in a difficult position because if he hadn't turned up then some would be asking where he was and the presence of someone recognisable  by the public is a godsend to the media desperate to find the human touch. But is it absolutely necessary for him to appear with the rescuers and emergency services when they make a press statement?

I think the media is more to blame than Peter Hain here but as these sad events evolve we must ask ourselves what is more vital rescuing the trapped victims or the news event?

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  1. There is a message from David Taylor (Labour Party Spin Doctor) which says "He is there supporting families at the request of the police", which appears on his twitter log as 9 hours old. Then there is a message from Peter Hain himself which says "Up at mine site now. Scores of rescue workers toiling away absolutely determined to find 3 miners", which appears on his twitter log as 7 hours old. The timings of these messages suggest that the Labour Party specifically engineered his appearance at least 2 hours beforehand and had already concocted a spin that he was attending in response to a request from the emergency services. Strange. Kissing babies is a rather cute pastime of politicians, but chasing ambulances rather distasteful.!/David_Taylor