Monday, 3 October 2011

Homer, "Our man in Wales"

On Sunday, Andrew RT Davies and Homer Simpson lookie-likey  introduced as "Our Man Wales "  (sound like a appointed governor?) made his conference debut as Tory Assembly leader

He said the Welsh Government had run out of steam and ideas on how to use the assembly's new law-making powers.

On health, he said spending on free prescriptions had left no money to pay for life-saving drugs - 24 cancer drugs were available in England but not in Wales.

Mr Davies also said the Tories would support the Welsh Government where they came forward with suitable ideas to revive the economy.

If Mr Davies can come with a patient who has been refused such drugs he should produce them.If he can't  is this just a case of Tory opposition to universal health care which free prescriptions is an fine example?

The idea of charging for Prescriptions led to the architect of the NHS resigning from the 1950-51 Cabinet in protest at prescription charges being introduced for dental care and spectacles. He saw it as a fundamental part of the NHS and it has been one of the triumphs of the Welsh Assembly since it was introduced by the Labour led assembly in April 2007 (Cynicaly just before the May elections but I can still them credit).

Mr Davies theme of the Welsh Government "running out of steam and ideas " was taken up by his Boss  Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan who launched what the press caled  launched a scathing attack on Labour’s leadership in Walesand I cal hypocritical.

Ms Gillan accused Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones’ Welsh Government of putting forward a “timid and uninspiring” legislative programme and pledged that finance reforms will force ministers to demonstrate greater accountability for the money they spend.

She claimed that Labour’s “foot-dragging” had led to a six-month delay of the decision to introduce business-friendly enterprise zones and this had resulted in missed opportunities for the Welsh economy.

Ms Gillan also attacked Labour’s health and education policies and called on the Welsh Government to “ditch the dogma” and work with the UK Government for the good of Wales.

The Welsh Secretary claimed there is a “battle of ideas raging in Wales” between Labour and the Conservatives

What Battle of Ideas A labour Assembly which major policy  idea seems to be on Cycle Lanes and A Welsh Conservative party that has come up with no specific "Welsh" polices. And what are the Business friendly polcies the Tories have other than screwing  already low pay workers or makining it easier to sack people by increasing the period where workers can claim for unlawful dissmisal to two years.

They seem to be arguing that Labour in Wales should simply copy the ConLib coalition governments policies in Wales. In other words the Assembly should be little more than administrative arm of the Westminster.


Do the Tories ever consider a Welsh solution tp Welsh problems. What would Mr Davies and Ms Gilian attitude if Labour did try some progressive policies.

The other interesting thing from the Conservative Conference so far is Cameron telling his Welsh Mps not to not to fall out over cuts to the number of MPs' seats at the next general election.

Wales will lose a larger share of its MPs than any other part o UK when boundaries are redrawn. 10 in all and this would mean that a fair number of the Welsh MPs will join the cull.

This could also be one of the reasons why Cameron has not replaced the hapless Gilian with a MP who represents a Welsh Constituency . He probably waiting wh will be standing next time . It would be embarrassing for him to to select a Welsh Secretary who will not be around after the next election

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