Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Sometimes someone else writes what you think

Every once in while you read a Blog post , which makes you think "I wish I'd written that". and the latest post from State of the Nation is one I really wish I had .Read it here before you continue.

It it is clear to me that Iain Duncun Smith remit has been to switch the public's eye from the people who caused the Economic Crisis the whole world is in from the Greedy  and Corrupt Bankers and give the impression that all we have to do is eliminate benefit scroungers and all our troubles are over. So IDS (The initialised politician) goes about giving the impression that every person who is unemployed or claiming any kind of benefit is a scrounger and thereby hopefully raise the ire of the middle classes who feel that they are the only decent people around.

Not only the Tories are up to this New Labour also pandered to this and constantly tried to cover up its failure to tackle the problems of long tern unemployment but trying to blame those who were experiencing the humiliating experiance of being out of work.by giving the impression they dont't really want to work.

Under Ed Miliband it does not seem much will change he speaks of the Squeezed  Middle Classes but does nothing to defend the Bashed Bottom.

The problem is that there is no political advantage in supporting the poor and less well off. If they vote at all it they probably  live in a safe Labour seat and the Political Parties are only interested in the 150 or so marginal seats which are dependent on the swing votes of squeezed Middle Classes.

In many ways our electoral system is to blame here. When the votes of the Bashed Bottom don't count because they are not in marginal seats then  the Political Parties have no need to court them.

So we will see the Tories attacking the poor by giving the impression as they always have that they are a lazy underclass living off benefits and Labour making the occasional sympathetic noises whilst making sure it does nothing to point out the real causes of poverty .

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