Saturday, 8 October 2011

What the Tories need is a Hopscotching Cat.

The row over the Catgate scandal  continues.

 Home Secretary  Theresa  May told the Tory conference: “We all know the stories about the Human Rights Act, the illegal immigrant who cannot be deported because – I am not making this up – he had a pet cat.”Only for the The Judicial Office, which represents judges, to  confirmed the cat, called Maya, was not the reason the man was allowed to stay. Maya belonged to a Bolivian who came to Britain as a student and was in a stable relationship with his partner. 
It seems that the casualty from this . Will not be Theresa May but Ken Clark who derided Mrs May and bet correctly that she had her facts wrong.As the Tory right se the chance to get rid o a justice minister they see as too liberal rather than a Home secretary who can't get simple facts right.

But whatever the internal spat betweeen  Justice secretary Clarke and Home Secretary May and it is probably has more to to with the fact that they resent the job of Home Secretary (once one of the Big three Cabinet post) was divided  under the last Labour administration and feel that only one person should run  these departments. The case of Tories misleading their party conference is not new.

Mrs May who made her name by calling the Tories the nasty party exactly nine years ago has been playing to the very right wing "Hang and Flog Them "crowd  that she was criticising  in 2002 then by calling for the scraping of their Bete Noire the Human rights Act and used  her ridiculous cat claimto justify it..

This is not the first time A Tory politician has made a untruthful claim  at a Tory conference when attacking what the delegates see as  the Liberal Agenda.

Back in 1995, former Conservative Party Chairman Brian Mawhinney regaled his Party’s Conference with a story of how taxpayer’s money was being similarly spent on hopscotch for Asian women.

In fact, it later transpired that the public money had been given to the Hopscotch Asian Women’s Centre, a well-respected voluntary organisation that deals with domestic violence, language and integration issues in Camden, which neighbours Haringey.

To the party faithful however it probably  doesn't matter if these claims are true or not because the simply reinforce their prejudice position and one wonders as the sort of rubbish spouted by May and Mawhinney not deliberate inaccuracies  .After all it would be a success if the public at large felt that there was something in their claims. 

The  Blog Tabloid Watch  (which you should look at on at least a weekly basis)regally exposes the lies that come out of  our newspapers especially the outrages claims that are maid by the Daily Mail and Richard Littlejohn and yet they still get away with and the sad thing is that most of the other media fail to expose it.

If you throw enough mud, some of it will stick and if you make enough outrages and wrong claims about the Human Rights act, then people will start believing they were true. Was this Theresa Mays real intention after all?


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