Friday, 9 October 2015

What if Ukip held a Welsh conference and no one came?

 Sadly we will not see this happening at the end of the Month as news that  the ragtag of  Farage's Carpetbaggers in Wales have cancelled their Welsh party conference which was due to take place later this month has led to speculation that they did not have many members wanting to come

An email sent out by a company called Ticketsource had claimed the event was shelved due to “poor advanced ticket sales”.

It seems that whilst Ukip appear to be holding up in the Welsh Polls actual grassroots membership seems sparse on the ground

But the party will hold its national annual Spring conference in Llandudno during the Assembly election campaign. Which in itself seems an odd time to hols a conference unless it simply going to be a rally . Though if it goes on beyond one day it will be rather odd

The conference was due to be held at Swansea’s Liberty Stadium on October 23.

But a party spokeswoman has denied that, blaming the message on “human error”.

UKIP party leader Nathan Gill said: “We are bringing our entire party conference to Wales where we will be showcasing the talent in our ranks during the Assembly election campaign.

“It demonstrates how seriously UKIP is taking its role in Wales, where the party has seen support swell year on year, and where we will get our first ever elected group of Assembly Members to hold Labour to account.
“For years we have recognised the impact UKIP has on the traditional Labour vote, and we will be looking to remind people that we are now a major political force in Wales and will be the most exciting story of the 2016 campaign.”
Despite the recent pols Ukip have hardly registered in recent council byelections  in Wales and throughout the uK.

Nevertheless they could easily win Regional seats  in May's Assembly Election without having any real campaign in Wales  .

The news that they appear have had to cancel a conference because no one wanted to come may be cheering  for any of us. But they could still be a vote for those who are opposed to the Assembly's very existence and even if they were to win a handful of seats will be portrayed but the UK media as the winners in May.

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