Monday, 12 October 2015

MP Huw Irranca-Davies hopes to become Assembly Member

I am not a huge fan of Ogmore Labour MP Huw Irranca-Davies  but he should br congratulated for his intention  to become the first former UK Government Minister since the original intake to become a member of the National Assembly, we can reveal.

In an exclusive interview,with the Wasting Mule  he said he wanted to send out a message to budding Welsh politicians that they should consider seeking election to the Senedd, rather than to the House of Commons.
Mr Irranca-Davies, who was elected to Parliament in a 2002 by-election, has served as a Minister at the Wales Office, and as an Environment Minister.
He currently chairs one of the Commons’ most influential committees – the Environmental Audit Committee.

His announcement followed another from current AM Janice Gregory that she intends to stand down next year.

Mr  Irranca-Davies said:

 “The idea of standing for the Assembly, if a suitable vacancy arose, has been on my mind for some time.
“With the lawmaking powers that the Assembly now has, together with the fact that those issues that affect people’s everyday lives like health and education are now devolved to Wales, I’ve no doubt that the centre of Welsh politics is now at the Assembly.
“I’ve been very privileged to be Ogmore’s MP for more than 14 years, and greatly enjoy serving my constituents.
“But now there is a vacancy at the Assembly, I’d very much like to be given the opportunity to serve there.
“I believe that as a longstanding MP who has had ministerial experience at a UK level, I could bring something valuable to the Assembly.
“I’d also like my decision to be a signal to young people who may be thinking of entering politics that the Assembly is the place to aim for rather than Westminster.

There are  however some points that maybe we should be asking Mr Iranian-Davies

Does he he intend to remain as an MP for Ogmore or resign and force a Byelection . There' no legal mandate to prevent dual mandate members and of the original intake only Cynog Bafis resigned his Parliamentary  seat of Ceredigion after becoming an AM.
  • Are his intention anyway linked to his seat being merged into a new one?
  • Could it be he sees no likelihood  of Labour in Westminster regaining in power  in the near future.
  • and has this anything to do with the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. Mr Irranca-Davies has not shown any indication of being even remotely o n the Left.
Still its an encouraging move, especially as the Tories seem to have an inclination to leave the  Assembly for Westminster.

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