Saturday, 24 October 2015

CEO of Seven Trent timing is either ignorant or insensitive

The CEO of Seven Trent Olivia 'Liv' Garfield, has announcement that a major plans to protect the water supply to Birmingham and Solihull with the construction of a second pipe to complement the historic Elan Valley Aqueduct.In the Week that remember the drowning of another Valley Tryweryn look particualy insensitive.

In ap iece entitled 

Severn Trent CEO outlines £100 million plans to protect Birmingham's water supply 

Ms Garfield said...

I’m not sure all the people in Birmingham know about their water supply. They’ve got the most beautiful water that comes right the way down from Wales along this gravity-fed, beautifully built piece of Victorian legacy architecture – the Elan Valley Aqueduct (EVA).

“It has been bringing water to Birmingham for 100 years. It has served our customers well, but our regular checks are showing it’s time for some modernisation and refurbishment.

“To allow us to do more substantive maintenance we need to supply water to Birmingham from another source, so we’re planning to build an extra pipeline to take water from a new place on the River Severn.
“This will give us a back-up supply of water to Birmingham during the refurbishment work on the EVA and in the future in case of emergency.
If Wales had control over its own resources Ms Garfield would be saying that she would be seeking Welsh Assembly approval for this .

The water authority controls the following public sector statutory water undertakers:[

Yes in a country with a devolved Assembly Montgomeryshire  comes under the control of an English Body. 

and this means  Ms Garfield seems confidence she and Severn Trent can do what they like with the beautiful water  .and not pay Wales a penny for it.

What other Nation tolerates such an abuse?

If Plaid are going to come up with new commitments in their conference this weekend Bringing all Water supply likee the former  Montgomeryshire Water Board under the control of the Welsh Assembly and that we receive payment for our natural resources  should surely be on the agenda for next years Assembly Manifesto.


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  1. you are of course right to call for wales to have full control of its resources glyn - and its a call which every party in wales should be supporting. one problem might be that peter hain inserted a clause in the 2006 wales act that meant that water in wales would remain in the control of boards in england for 75 years - we'd be very happy to be corrected about that incidentally if we're wrong.

    what peter hain was thinking when he did this is anybodies guess? but its obviously going to make the control of water in wales problematic for years to come.