Thursday, 8 October 2015

Riverside on Cardiff Byelection.

Labour held on to the seat on Riverside on Cardif Council . Despite the ongoing disputes among the ruling Labour group .

Plaid  may have wel hoped that their aggressive campaign would have led them to regaining a seat they had previously held .

All the Opposition Parties in Cardiff must be scratching their heads wondering what they must do in order to defeat Labour who have had constant bad headlines and came close to splitting earlier ths year.

Riverside on Cardiff (Lab defence)

Caro Wild (Lab)           1,071 45.9% -0.8

Ruksana Begum (Plaid)   780 33.5% +2.3 
Sean Driscoll (Con)          155 6.6 %-1.1
Gareth Bennett (UKIP),  110 4.7%  +4.7.
Hannah Pudner (Green) 109 4.7%  -3.3
Gwilym Owen (Lib Dem)  85 3.6% -0.2
Steffan Bateman (TUSC)  21 0 .9% -1.8

Result of ward at last election (2012) : Emboldened denotes elected  
Labour 1,731, 1,555, 1,431(48%)  
Plaid Cymru 1,153, 944, 940 (31%)  
Conservatives 286, 276, 263 (8%)
Green Party 294, 272, 189 (8%)
Liberal Democrats 142, 129, 122 (4%) 
Trade Unionist and Socialist 99 (1%)

Is anyone going to take a seat off Labour in a Byelection in Cardiff or the rest of Wales?


  1. So a Labour hack from Leeds who has been living in Cardiff for a few months now represents the people of Riverside.

  2. The Lib Dems gained a seat from Labout in Wrexham a couple of months ago.

    The Tories held a Tory-Labour marginal in Cardiff, with Labour shoved to a poor third, 4 months ago.

  3. County Council election is due in Cydweli in Carmarthenshire. Held by a very good local Labour councillor who had a very big personal vote. Individauls like him are difficult for all parties to find today.