Friday, 16 October 2015

The SNP have too many MPs

and I really mean it the party has 95% of Scottish MPs on 50% of the vote there  while Labour for instance has MP only one  with  24.3% of the vote.

This for any democrat is not right  even though none can argue that they were won fairly under the current voting system

Of course The Tories with 36.9% one Scottish MP have an overall majority there are democratically elected under the First Past the Post system.

So Scotland having to many MPs  with 50% of the vote Bad . Tory Majority wirth 36.9% Good .

Got that . I just wish people would know their place and realise that that the UK voting system is designed to make sure  that smaller Parties are prevented from entering the UK Parliament in any numbers and when they do the establishment have every right to call foul.

 and with the Proportional system for Scottish Elections  designed to prevent it the SNP heading for another majority in the Scottish Parliament  looking likely to lead to another SNP majority the Establishment  can cry foul again and  we get the sort of Tosh enlightened opinion below in the Spectator

Centralising, illiberal, catastrophic: the SNP’s one-party state

For years, the Scottish government has used the independence argument to avoid proper scrutiny. That has to stop


Imagine a country where the government so mistrusted parents that every child was assigned a state guardian — not a member of their family — to act as a direct link between the child and officials. Imagine that such a scheme was compulsory, no matter how strongly parents objected. Imagine that the ruling party controlled 95 per cent of MPs, and policed the political culture through a voluntary army of internet fanatics who seek out and shout down dissent

Professor Adam Tomkins is a British legal scholar and John Millar Professor of Public Law at the School of Law of the University of Glasgow. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2014.

 In August 2015, Tomkins announced his intention to stand as a conservative member of the Scottish parliament in the 2016 elections. In a blog explaining his decision, he was highly critical of the SNP's actions in government at Holyrood and praised many (Westminster) conservative policies including Ian Duncan Smith's "outstanding" benefit reforms.

Yes the man who calls the SNP government in Holyrood  thinks it perfectly alright to attack the most vunrable members of Soceity.

I don't know whether Mr Tomkins is stll a member of Republic organisation advocating the replacement of the monarchy with a democratically elected head of state.

I do know that  he also stood on a platform advocating an independent Scottish Republic in 2004.
 Glasgow University law professor Adam Tompkins speaks. Colin Fox is right.

There was an alternative event to the  State opening of the Scottish Parliament just over a mile away atop Edinburgh’s Calton Hill. The Scottish Socialist Party drew up a declaration of independence calling for “an independent Scottish republic built on the principles of liberty, equality, diversity and solidarity.”

Quite a journey from Scottish Republican to Conservative Unionist and we are supposed to take this man seriously.

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  1. I am glad you raise this matter, because like Plaid the SNP would prefer that there was a proportional system even if it meant less MP's because it would be a fairer system. Strangely enough though who talk a great deal about democracy in Britain, The Tories and Labour, really do not wish to practice it. The system put in place for the Scottish Parliament was intended that the SNP would never get in and certainly with a majority but considering the behaviour of all of the other Parties a majority is what they got after running a minority administration for four years. None of the other Parties have changed their behaviour so how do they expect a change with the electorate.