Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Devo Dipynbach can even go in to reverse .

We can only wonder how many Tories in Wales agree with Monmouth MP David Davies described by the BBC as  " a senior Welsh Tory"  that  Wales is edging closer to independence,  amid plans for further devolution.

New powers over energy, transport and running the assembly will be outlined in a draft Wales Bill on Tuesday.

Before any pro Independence  supporters start cheering   Mr  Davies also said he was worried that devolution "is always a one-way street".

"No-one is talking about taking powers away from the Welsh government in areas where it is performing badly, such as health or education,".
The draft bill will outline a "reserved powers" model which lists all the policy areas where Westminster remains responsible, with the rest assumed to be devolved.

It could well be that this Bill has more to do with English Votes for English Laws (Evel) rather than strengthen Welsh Laws as it might make it easier to exclude Welsh MPs from Westminster voted deemed exclusively of an English nature.

 as John Dixon over at Borthlas put it 

....when the proponents of the bill talk about giving the Assembly power to change its name as one of the main changes, it simply makes me deeply sceptical about whether the changes are worth the effort".

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb has denied claims that the bill could weaken the assembly, and rejected calls by First Minister Carwyn Jones to delay publication for further cross-party talks.

Under this Devo Dipynbach the people of Wales are hardly going to be galvanised  next May and Mr Davies can sleep in his bed safe in the knowledge that Independence is remote at this time.

Indeed another 4 years of Carwyn's Labour and Tory propaganda as health or education,".could lead to people thinking maybe we should lose these powers and hand them back to Westminster where they can really screw things up, but are more experienced in convincing us everything is getting better.

Plaid, the LibDems and the Greens will probably be the only Parties calling for significant more powers.

If the Polls are right however.Then we are going to see a rise in Parties who either want to nothing or like David Davies reverse the devolution settlement '

We could end up with a renamed "Welsh Parliament" that has fewer powers than one of devolved City regions the Tories are pushing in England.

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