Monday, 5 October 2015

Poltician accuse another Poltician of "Playing Politics".

The BBC have come up with the shocking David Cameron has accused First Minister news that Carwyn Jones of "playing politics" over the assembly's powers ahead of next year's elections.
The prime minister denied Mr Jones's claim that the UK government's plans could reduce the assembly's powers.
Mr Cameron said his government agreed to protect Welsh government funding by putting a "floor" under the formula that decides its share of UK spending. 

Mr Cameron said: 

"First of all, my government actually held that [2011] referendum on powers for the Welsh assembly, so that's already been delivered.
"Stephen's been working with others to put together the St David's Day agreement and this work is ongoing.
"It requires agreement, and we've been talking in good faith with the other parties in Wales and that's what needs to happen. 

"This needs to be an agreed measure but that shouldn't stop what I would call 'real devolution' which is giving people in Wales more power over their lives.
"We have cut taxes for people in Wales, we're keen for people in Wales to be able to own their own homes, to take greater powers over their lives, so that will continue while the politicians are still talking."
 In other words the Tories will carry out their own policies and make sure the Welsh Assembly never really get powers similar to Scotland by preforming the con trick of claiming that the Bill would completely recast Welsh Devolution as a reserved powers model along the lines of that which has applied in Scotland since 1999.So instead of the current situation in which specific legislative powers are conferred on the National Assembly for Wales, the Assembly would be allowed to legislate in all areas not specifically reserved to Westminster.

But without devolution of a separate  Judiciary   it is likely that we will still find  that the \\law \lords will still be called on to decide whether the Welsh Government have the legal powers to carry out the functions it wants to.

Prof Richard Wyn Jones from the Wales Governance Centre said recemtly

"The problem that we've identified with the proposals is that frankly the Wales Office haven't thought this through properly.
"They seem to be suggesting a model of devolution which is actually going to be convoluted rather than clear, which is going to be unstable rather than robust and which frankly doesn't really stand much of a chance of lasting very long."

In a statement last month  Carwyn Jones said: 

"The people of Wales would not accept unworkable or overly complex legislation that's not in the best interest of Wales.
"I made this abundantly clear to the Secretary of State for Wales in our meeting last week. Any attempt to row-back on the current settlement will not be acceptable to them.
"As I've said before, if we are not satisfied that the Bill meets the needs of Wales, we will not support it.
"The challenge is there for the UK Government to produce a straightforward Bill that does not restrict the powers of the people of Wales and gains their support."

The Tories  have simply ignored anyone else interpreted the  so called "St Davids Day" agreement in their own way and are seeking to put a permanent break on Devolution or even make it so unworkable it could be put in reverse.

 According to Tacitus, Calgacus a Caledonian Chieftain claimed of  the Romans that

"they make a desert and call it peace"

It seems an apt metaphor for all that Cameron and his Tories say and do 

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  1. but surely carwyn jones and his party are hardly in a position to attack the tories on the issue of welsh devolution? labour had years in office after the 1997 referendum to address some of the shortcomings of the welsh devolution settlement or 'fair funding', but did f*** all about it. Incidentally did anyone ever find out what became of the 'Richard Commission'?

    When he was secretary of state for Wales Hain even opposed calls for a referendum on wales gaining primary lawmaking powers - a referendum that was won comfortably of course when it was staged in 2011. Now Jones is calling for a halt to the Wales Act - do welsh labour want wales to have any meaningful devolution at all?