Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Osborne: Cut benefits and let the Rich Off.

If you were still in any doubt that the Tories were the party of the rich then Chancellor George Osborne speech to the Conservative Conference should dispel any.

He announced

On top of the £18 billion cuts already under way, child support could be cut for jobless parents who have more than one child and benefit increases could allowed to be lower than the rate of inflation.
Housing benefit for the under-25s also looks set to be targeted. Prime Minister David Cameron has previously said should live with their parents if they cannot afford to fund their own home.

He told BBC Breakfast

: 'I speak directly to your viewers who are probably getting ready for work, they are going to work hard all day to provide for their families, they pay taxes, we use those taxes to fund the National Health Service, to support our schools and the police.'I just wonder whether it is right that a third of all that money they raise in taxes goes on welfare and of that some £80 billion goes to support the welfare of those out of work.'
How long before the Right start blaming the current crisis on the those in the USA who borrowed Money under the Sub Prime system  not on the the behaviour  of US lenders  offering  more and more loans to higher-risk borrowers,[ particularly in the period 2004 to 2007, as the market share declined and private securitisers accounted for more than half of mortgage securitisations.The result being that many of the Sub Prime borrowers could never pay the mortgage

The Rights take must be that these recipients  must have known they coud''nt repay these mortgages and its they who are responsible  for the collapse of the leaders perpetuating the crisis

The   Tories clearly have a policy of implying that there are thousands and thousands of jobs out there and the unemployed are workshy having a great time living off benefits

Osborne said ..

 ..  it was unfair some people on benefits "enjoy a lifestyle" those in work are unable to. "The Conservative party, the modern Conservative party, is on the side of people who want to work hard and get on,"

What bloody lifestyle Osborne will pay more on a weekly  visit to restaurant  than some  families get in benefit for a week.

He Knows nothing about the lifestyle of the poor.
 He defended targeting the poor while cutting the top rate of tax, from 50p to 45p. by saying that the ....

 "poor looking for work" who had paid the price for the "phony 50p rate" because it had made the country "uncompetitive".

But of course his intent is to imply the poor are not looking for work he said ...
"That is a completely phony conception of fairness. That you have a rate of tax, introduced, by the way, in the last couple of weeks of a 13-year Labour government, that everyone knows raised no revenue, made this country uncompetitive, that cost jobs, that cost investment. The people who were paying the price for that phony 50p rate were actually the poor looking for work, not the rich. So I found other ways to tax the rich. We're clamping down on tax avoidance in a way that has never been done before in this country.
Yeah "other ways to tax the rich"  I await with baited breath.
"So we are absolutely clear that those with the broadest shoulders must bear the broadest burden. But our conception of fairness, and this is perhaps where we differ from the Labour party, also extends to the welfare system. We also think it's unfair that when that person leaves their home early in the morning, they pull the door behind them, they're going off to do their job, they're looking at their next-door neighbour, the blinds are down, and that family is living a life on benefits. That is unfair as well, and we are going to tackle that as part of tackling this country's economic problems."
What a wonderful life people on benefits must be living . Sleeping in their comfortable bed while the rest of the country go of to work.

None are in despair over the fact they are out of work . They are not doing the modern equivalent of Norman Tebbits  of "Gettiing on their bikes " Clocking up the hours  and prowling the Job Agencies on the internet where in reality only the vacancies exist as most manufactures do not directly employ nre workers any more but place the casual vacancies with these Agencies.

Osborne whole speech was designed to transfer the blame for the current crisis to those who are suffering from it  in the hope that those who are still in work will resent those who are not and come to the conclusion that they are workshy.

It may well work the unemployed don't vote and even if they did they are unlikely to vote for the Tories it seems that we still on George Orwell road to Wigan Pier.and its getting Longer

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