Friday, 5 October 2012

Cardiff Council show Labours contempt for the electorate.

It hasn't taken the New Labour Regime at Cardiff Council to appear in Private Eyes "Rotten Boroughs"

The Eye reports that although Labour had campaigned on a "No Incinerator" platform proposed by the Previous LibDEM/Plaid council they are now going ahead with it. This has led to two Labour councillors to be excluded from the vote after been hit with the ban by the authority’s own lawyers.

Splott ward Luke Holland and Huw Thomasw been banned from taking part in any discussions or votes relating to a new incinerator being built in their city ward or the facility’s bid for a controversial £1bn waste-burning contract.because the "have shown bias against the scheme".

It followed outspoken comments of their strong criticism of Viridor Waste Management, which last month began construction of a £185m incinerator at Trident Park, Glass Avenue, Splott.

So basically if you campaign against an issue and carry on after you are elected you are banned from voting but if you drop your election promise then you can vote .

The Eye also reports on plans on how at least a dozen Labour Councillors have broken rank at criticised plans to to boost top-paid officer numbers at Cardiff Council offices in Cardiff Bay

The proposals put forward by Cardiff council would see 23 directors and assistant directors, as well as a chief operating officer (COO) and corporate director for resources, answering to chief executive Jon House.

The COO would be the top earner on £140,000 a year, followed by the corporate director (£130,000), directors (£120,000) and their assistant directors (£80,000).

And The Eye also report on a U turn over weekly rubbish collections with Labour group have been accused of being elected on “false promises” in a policy row over black bag waste collections.

Labour candidates in Plasnewydd narrowly claimed victory last month after campaigning for a return to weekly black bag collections.

Plasnewydd councillor Sue Lent defended Labour’s leaflets in the run-up to the election.

She said: 

It was perfectly legitimate for us to say that we are calling for the return to weekly black bag collections.

“We didn’t promise it – we said that we would like to see a return to it. We certainly didn’t promise that we were bringing it back because we didn’t have the power to do that.

“We didn’t promise it – we said that we would like to see a return to it. We certainly didn’t promise that we were bringing it back because we didn’t have the power to do that.

As the Eye says "How very Cleggy.

The Eye however doesn't report on the former deputy leader of Cardiff council is considering a legal bid to force a re-run of the election in his ward, claiming Labour mislead residents over the Local Development Plan (LDP).

Plaid Cymru’s Fairwater councillor Neil McEvoy has long claimed a Labour-run Cardiff council would “concrete over” fields in the west of the capital.
Coun McEvoy highlighted Labour election leaflets sent to Fairwater and Pentrebane households during the local election campaign.

One flyer pictures a group of children holding Labour placards in a field with a headline proclaiming: “Labour does NOT want to build on green fields”.

The Plaid group leader said his warnings were vindicated when the new Labour administration unveiled its draft LDP Preferred Strategy. The document suggests 45,400 new homes are needed by 2026, including some 18,250 on greenfield sites

It seems Labour have not taken long to display the arrogance and contempt for the public under former leader Russel Goodway who many see as the Éminence grise in the Labour group that saw its spectacular removal from power in 2004.

Throughout Wales voters elected Labour Councillors because they saw them as best bastion agianst the Con/LibDem government only to see them return to thier old ways  when they are back in power betraying the very people who put them there.

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