Friday, 12 October 2012

2014: Bannockburn or the Somme?

Jac O' North points out that part of the reason David Cameron may have announced that more than £50m has been allocated for a "historic" commemoration of the centenary of the start of World War I, could be because it will coincide with the run up to the Scottish Referendum on Independence.

Though I suspect that this would have been done anyway .

Mr Cameron says the commemorations in 2014 will comprise "three vital elements

  • A "massive" transformation of the Imperial War Museum "to make it even more incredible"
  • A major programme of national commemorative events "properly funded and given the proper status they deserve"
  • An educational programme "to create an enduring legacy for generations to come"
War is not incredible Mister Cameron, people die and are maimed for life and the first World War was the worst war in the loss of Military  lives ever and often needlessly. Just take a look at your local cenotaph and look at the list of the fallen of the first World War and the second . In nearly every case the former will be longer.And what legacy what can you say was a positive  legacy of the first world war . What was achieved?

This was no war for democracy rt freedom  it was just Imperial Powers trying to extend their influence and in which millions of young men were sent to be slaughtered .

We should not ignore those who fought but lets have show what it was  a waste and cut out the idea a sacrifice and giving their lives  for our liberties They did died because the major powers at the time wanted to extend their control. 

If the futility of this War was to be shown in the next four years then I would support it. But it clear that the British Establishment will try and repeat the Jingoism of that War in order not only to preserve the Union but also to justify its current military stance in the world and the UK pathetic attempt to claim its still a world power.

IN 2014 The first World would have started 100 years ago on July 28 but of course there will be another commemoration  in Scotland at the same time The Battle of Bannockburn (Blàr Allt a' Bhonnaich in Scottish Gaelic) (24 June 1314) was a significant Scottish victory in the Wars of Scottish Independence. It was one of the decisive battles of the First War of Scottish Independence.

So we will have two commemoration and its likely that both sides of the referendum  will see them accusing the other of exploiting one of them to further their cause.

Of course the Money and the Media will be behind the First World War commemoration and Historians who question whether it was even justified in starting let alone fighting and was nothing but a mindless slaughter will be largely absent.

As a pacifist I deplore the loss of life in any war or battle and the use of past ones to justify the present appals me.

But in Scotland Cameron may find that a battle 700 years ago by  Bannock Burn, a burn (small stream) running through the village before flowing into the River Forth. will have more relevance than that of another river like the Somme.


Anonymous said...

The question is, is Plaid Cymru going to come out and challenge this British nationalist jingosim - 'cos that's what it will be - or ae they going to hope that it just goes away as Plaid produce more policies which will never be implemented.

Plaid Cymru was established as a direct consequence of this pointless British nationalist war.

Are Plaid going to come out with a coherent nationalist line - that it was Britishness and Britian which lead to thousands of Welshmen being killed - or are they going to come out with a wet pacifist/class line?

If they don't make a nationalist case against he War then they can'r blame any one else when people don't vote for a nationalist party.

Britishness, British nationalism created this war. Not Welsh nationalism, not Scottish nationalism, not Irish nationalism, but the British state. We need to get rid of the British state.

The Brits have seen how the flag waving Jubilee and Olympics was a success, they've seen that British nationalism and pageant works and now want more. Plaid kept quiet and let it happen. And look what's happening now, surprise, surprise, more British nationalism. We'll have GStQ sung in cinemas next - and I'm not kidding.

Plaid AMs and MPs have to show some guts and come out with a clear nationalist argument against Cameron. They have to do i now so as to undermine the consensus. If not it'll be to late. No more hiding.

Anonymous said...

The above comment is absolutely spot on. We can't afford to stick our heads under the pillow and sing "la la la" hoping the bogeyman will go away. For a start Plaid (and others) need to start showing the Union Flag for what it is - a ridiculous outdated concoction which effectively sticks two fingers up to Wales by ignoring it, whilst including Ireland 26/32 of which isn't even part of the so called United Kingdom. This is an open goal - why are we letting British nationalists, their fellow travellers and those Welsh too ignorant to know better, get away with it?