Monday, 29 October 2012

Labour cement power in Caerphilly

There was a By election  on Caerphilly county borough counci last Thursday l: Eluned Stenner, daughter of the late Les Rees, was elected to succeed him as councillor for New Tredegar division on 25 October. held the seat for the Labour Party.

Gillian Mary Jones Plaid Cymru  95 (11.7; +11.7)
Cameron Muir-Jones   Cons       24 ( 3.0; +3.0)
Eluned Stenner         Labour     692(85.3; +12.6 ( Elected)
Turn out 24%

Although this is a Labour Stronghold and only an Independent stood against them last time Last Time.It confirms Labours new dominance in Caerphilly, and there seems to be no signs of a Plaid Comeback as yet 

May 2012

Gerald Jones Labour             965 (Elected) 
Morgan Jones   Independent 362 
Les Rees  Labour                744  (Elected)

There may be a bigger challenge in two Elections on November 15 on Conwy county borough council:  Deganwy division after the resignation of Independent councillor (and frequent blogger)  Jason Weyman

May 2012
Samantha Cotton Con      539 Elected
Julie Fallon         Con      484
Terrance James   LibDem  217
Jason Weyman.   Ind       730 Elected

There are Seven Nominations  so it might be interesting

There will also be an election on  Merthyr Tydfil county borough council: on 15 November in Cyfarthfa after the resignation of Merthyr Independents councillor Les Elliott.

May 21012
 Elliott Les  Merthyr Independents        7 97 Elected
 Brown Paul Merthyr Independents     760 Elected
 Chaplin Tony Welsh Labour                683 Elected
 Jenkins Malcolm Merthyr Independents 655
 Davies Margaret Welsh Labour           640
 Chaplin David Welsh Labour               601
 Evans Mark Plaid Cymru           318

5 Nominations here.Should  be between Labour  and Methyr Independents Where the candidates  Margaret Davies and Malcolm Jenkins just lost out last time   . Though Plaids Mark Evans  may pull s surprise 

There will be  justice carried out today  on Denbighshire county council: The recount ordered for Prestatyn North division, following the cock up in May's election count, will take place in the High Court on Monday 29 October.
Neath Port Talbot have still to call the vacancy  in Neath South division after the death of Labour councillor and former Mayor Mal Gunter. despite it being announced on August 28 . Why the delay?.


Anonymous said...

Worth pointing out New Tredegar is one of the many places in urban Wales where Plaid doesn't campaign. Don't think they've stood there ever before. Much like most of Merthyr and Blaenau Gwent. Not so much an excuse for Plaid's performance but an explanation for Labour's. There is no convincing challenge to them in much of Wales.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Almost everyone in New Tredegar is Welsh, Plaid has a better candidate, better policies, better record and a better message for the future and end up with 95 votes.

Elwyn said...

The election in the Deganwy ward for a seat on Conwy County Council; will indeed be interesting. There has never been a Labour or a Plaid Cymru councillor for the ward since it was created in 1913. With seven candidates in the field, anything is possible.