Saturday, 7 April 2012

Vote for your "local" candidate.

Like most people, I would prefer my Local Councillor to live in the ward. But if they have links or live in a nearby Wards then . Then I don't really have a problem.

The above Map is of the various Wards and Party make up after the last election. in Rhondda Cynon Taf

In my Ward of Beddau both the Plaid Candidate  (James Radcliffe) and Independent( Mike Sinclair-Thomson)  live in the Ward. Whilst Labour's Richard Yeo lives in the next ward of Tyn-y-ant . Though he lives closer to me than his opponents. So problem here.

In the Tyn-y-ant Ward Labours CalaytonWillis lives there .Whilst his challenger Plaid's Carol Wills lives reasonably close by (If you have a car) in Groesfaen Pont-y Clun. So acceptable iIsuppose.

In the Tonteg Ward out of seven candidates two live outside the Ward Plaid's Graham Day Lives in Graigwen Pontypridd  and the LibDems  Karen Roberts Clydach Vale. The former just close enough but the latter a bit far away and there no Liberal Democrat standing in Cwm Clydach so why isn't she standing there?.
 I'm sure throughout Wales there are other example even some where the "outsider" is favourite to win

But the price and I think this may be an Wales prize for the candidate who lives furthest from the place they are standing is in Llantrisant Town.

Yes the Tories, Anne-Marie gave her home address as being Bristol. I presume she has some connection with at least Rhondda Cynon Taf. But even the most generous person would argue that Bristol is too far away for a local councillor..

If elected she may the first councillor to put Seven Bridge Toll charges on her expenses.

So here's a challenge. Can you find someone nominated who lives further outside the Council let around the Ward  and has no apparent link for the seat which they are nominated. No Prize but  recognition  for your diligence.

Good Luck

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