Saturday, 14 April 2012

Labour try to play Language Card in Ely.

There appears to be a report on Wales on Line Labour has pulped 5,000 copies of a Cardiff council election leaflet because it contains a resident’s comment that they “can’t apply for most jobs in Wales because you need to speak Welsh”.

The four-page Labour leaflet, which has not been distributed by the party, was intended for the residents of Ely. It includes a column with pictures of a number of people explaining why they are voting Labour.

It features a local resident named only as “David” who is quoted as saying: “I’m a graduate looking for a job but thanks to Plaid I can’t apply for most jobs in Wales because you need to speak Welsh.”

A Welsh Labour spokesman said: 
“Following external production of a leaflet for the Ely ward in Cardiff, the local party identified a small paragraph which contained words from a local resident that clearly ran contrary to Welsh Labour’s policy position and core beliefs.“The obvious decision was immediately taken by Ely branch Labour Party and Welsh Labour to not distribute the leaflet, and to destroy the 5000 copies. To suggest that Welsh Labour would ever condone, enable or facilitate the distribution of the sentiments contained in the endorsement is as offensive as it is absurd.

They then appeared to give the impression that it was being found out  that concerned them as the spokesman added
“More worryingly, the leaflet in question – leaked to the South Wales Echo with the claim that it was being distributed – was stolen from a storage space in Transport House while awaiting removal for destruction".
 “This theft is extremely concerning. We are currently reviewing the CCTV footage that covers the area, and are confident of identifying the person responsible for this theft. We will be taking appropriate action in due course.”
This is an appalling behaviour on behalf of Labour. Who are clearly worried about Plaid building on their toehold in the Capital.
 Perhaps Plaid are going to do better than expected  in Cardiff and Labour have reduced to such tactics out of desperation.

Playing the Language Card is the same as playing the Race Card and as despicable.

Because lets face if "David" had complained that Jobs were going to ethnic minorities  for instance then not only would the leaflets be pulped but there would have been suspension of senior ward officials.

Labour can't go on claiming to be "Welsh Labour" and supporting the Welsh Language in only some  parts of Wales if they continue to express such views in our Capitol City .

I assume the cost of the pulped leaflets will be added to to the electoral expenses in Ely for Labour and since it was 4 page it will presumably cut down on any future expenditure. If they lose because of this then its fully deserved.

At the moment the response from "A spokesman" is clearly not  enough. Carwyn Jones as the face of Labour (if he's not the leader?) and Peter Hain (who may de Leader)   should immediately respond  by condemning such behaviour and try to impress on those who feel the only way to fight Plaid Cymru is to attack our Language which belongs al of us regardless of whether we speak ir or what Party we support   to shut up or get out.


  1. AS a Plaid Candidate for the Ely Ward I find it appalling that they even considered printing let alone about to distribute an attack on the Welsh Language... I would lile to dispel any Myth Labour tries to put out about the Welsh LAnguage and confirm Myself Neil Branson nor Peter or Lynda Sullivan and in fact neither can the deputy leader of cardiff city council Neil McEvoy speak Welsh .. But one thing is for sure and I speak for us all.. We are Welsh and Proud to be so ...

  2. I've also placed a copy on this on the Syniadau Blog
    Will the Western Mail Investigate if the "David" quoted in the leaflet actual exists?

    All Parties have a dubious record when they have these quotes from supposedly "Ordinary voters" who in fact are party members or are stock photos of models downloaded from the internet

  3. Western Mail are an anti-Welsh, anti-Wales Labour support rag. This strikes of desperation to me, like a party that know they are finished everywhere else but are clinging on to us.

    It's time to kill them off once and for all.