Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Plaid retreat to the West?

Those of you who have visited the Y Cneifwr blog cannot have failed to be impressed by the tour of the County and the take on the council elections a meticulous analysis Ward by Ward perhaps helped by the fact that Plaid have animpressive campaign website and whilst not of the same standard informative Labour also show the way for those outside Sir Gar

One aspect of the campaign is that have 3 candidates who have stalwarts in other Welsh County Councils.

Dr Dewi Evans standing in Abergwili Ward

Has been a long standing member of Plaid Cymru, has served as county councillor for the old West Glamorgan County Council (1989 – 1993) and Neath Port Talbot Borough Council (1999 – 2004)

Darren Price standing in Gorlas Ward

He has served as a Councillor on Swansea Council, representing the Upper Loughor ward, since 2004. He led the Plaid Group on Swansea Council. Though recently has been the only party  member there .

Prof Delme Bowen in St Ishmael Ward

Was for many years a member of Taff Ely Borough Council, and Mid Glamorgan County Council. He currently represents Creigiau and St Fagans on Cardiff County and is former Chair of Pontyclun and Pentyrch Community Councils. Currently Lord Mayor of Cardiff.

So three experienced councillors have thrown their lot in with Plaids attempt to control Sir Gar. If elected two of these (Price and Bowen)  would have led the Party group (even if it was of one) in different Councils prior to the election without being forced by boundary changes.Some form of record I suspect.

Plaid need to have an overall gain about 10 seats in May in order to be in control and considering they had made big gains last time on a bad night of Labour then this on on paper with an expected Labour in revival throughout Wales looking like an uphill task.

However local issues have a big influence on local government elections and the fact that Labour has been the Libdems to the Independents Tories may be  a factor here.

Certainly if the three here are elected this might well meant they may well find themselves at the top Table of Plaid controlled Council very soon.

You could look to this a "Retreat to the West" by prominent Plaid members and when you consider Plaid also could well end up with no councillors in Swansea and Cardiff unfortunate.

But it may not be so the Labour revival looks rickety and they may make gains  but if Plaid as expected to 

Win Gwynedd 
Make only reasonable  progress in Ceredigion where they need to gain only 2 seats for control. 
Make with progress in Carmarthenshire and yeomen at least the largesse Party grouping there
Holding ground in Caerphilly and Rhondda Cynon Taf 

It may at Ty Gwynfor where the champagne will be popping on Friday the 6th of May. 


  1. Plaid only contesting 20 out of 72 seats in Swansea. Former AM Dai Lloyd is among the candidates.

  2. This is a great website, but please proofread!!!

  3. I think Plaid will get a big Leanne bounce in RCT - not enough to get control but enough to reestabish themselves here


  4. Why do you say Plaid will end up with no councillors in cardiff, that is a very pessimistic view?

  5. Anonymous 10:42.

    Plaid lost a seat in the riverside By-election and are going to find it hard ib Cardif (as all Parties are) against a Labour revival and Delme Bowen had a large personal vote.

    But who knows?

  6. Not much chance of a bounce if the party is fielding less candidates than last time.