Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bahrain-BBC Hypocrisy.

Is it just me or would the  coverage of the Bahrain Grand Prix and the political situation there been more critical  if they weren't hopping to show it on our TV screens?

Would there have been more reports from the viewpoint of the demonstrators as there were in the other countries which went through the so called Arab Spring?

Maybe not.Tthere has been more than a whiff of hypocrisy  in the reports of the downfall of the dictators in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt and their reporting from those Mid Eastern countries, that are led by hereditary monarchies.

This has been evident since before the Afghan Invasion where the plight of Women was highlighted as part of a moral impetus for Western Intervention. All those liberal voices condemning  the status of women being forced to wear the Hijab  and been excluded for maim stream life.

Whilst ignoring the position of women in Saudi Arabia where they have been fighting for the simple right to drive cars. 

But then the Hereditary Monarchies have ben largely friendly to the West and for that reason the fact that they may treat Women in a similar manner to the Iran Mullahs or have a similar appalling record on civil liberties and democracy.

Basically the Western attitude is:

If you are opposed to us . Then you are undemocratic despot and you must introduce Western democracy at once or we will back your opponents even if we have no idea what they real stand for or if they would intoduce western style democracy..

If you are friendly to us. Whilst we may disprove of the undemocratic nature if your regime. But  we have no right to interfere in the internal politics over a country who have a different culture.

And if you are prepared to host a major commercially successful sporting event that we will look the other way as campaigners for democratic rights are shot and beaten in the street. We might even give the impression that they are at fault.

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