Thursday, 26 April 2012

AM stays in 5-Star Hotel paid by us.

I t would be wrong to jump the Gun when commenting on the reports that Llanelli AM Keith Davies is to be investigated by the Welsh Assembly Commission and his own party amid claims he was ejected from a five-star hotel following an alleged late-night row.

The Labour politician was reportedly asked to leave the St David's Hotel & Spa in Cardiff Bay in the early hours of Tuesday morning after earlier attending a birthday bash for a consultancy boss. 

Even if the allegations that he was asked to leave are true Everyone behaves E a bit stupidly sometimes and We can nearly all look to ourselves and think I was a right idiot last night.

However when I first saw the report that Mr Davies was staying the night in the Spa Hotel and the Taxpayers expense . I thought why couldn't have taken a Taxi to where he stayed in Cardiff when on Assembly business?

However it is believed the venue is where Mr Davies stays while he works in Cardiff Bay, the bill of which is paid by the taxpayer.

The official rulea are.

The 25 AMs with seats in the Mid and West Wales region - which includes Llanelli - and the North Wales region can claim for the cost of accommodation in Cardiff.

They can claim for rent on a furnished flat or a hotel room worth up to £95 a night when working in the capital. The maximum they can claim is £8,400 a year.

They can also claim towards running a second home which they own, but not the cost of a mortgage.

Overnight stays in hotels must have the prior written approval of the AM's business support team.

The Assembly Commission says it gets a government rate at St David's Hotel. AMs are asked where they want to stay and it is booked for them.

I'm not saying that out AMs should stay in some small backstreet "Roach" Hotel but a 5-Star Bay hotel seems to be a bit much and a better deal could probably found 

The Assembly should even consider buying a empty l building and converting to accommodate our AMs who need such accommodation  Perhaps the Assembly Civil servants should take a look at BBC Homes under the Hammer?

Anyone looking at the news report and thinking the possibility of a by-election will be surely disappointed no matter the extent of the allegations..

Despite the slim 80 vote majority over Plaid Cymru a bitter fought by-election would scupper any overtures and talks of coalition between Labour's Carwyn Jones and Plaid's Leanne Wood.

And i can't see the La Pasionaria's (Kirst Williams) Liberal Democrats jumping up and down after the Mick Bates affair.

So the business over Mr Davie's behaviour will probably die down but the fact that he has ben living the high life on the back of the taxpayer will probably not.

I suspect that AM's will be more angry with Keith Davies for opening this can of worms than any alleged behaviour.


  1. Will their be a by-election in Llanelli now?

  2. Have you checked how many Plaid Cymru AM avail themselves of 5 star accommodation at the St Davids? You might be surprised.

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  4. Nadalia

    Nice try at an advert but not relevent here.

    Anonymous 12:23 There won't be a by-election because at the moment the accusations are not that bad and for the reasons I gave.


    If this had been about a Plaid AM I would have been equally critical it is wrong for them to stay there.

  5. Outraged of Ceredigion26 April 2012 at 17:03

    "...visitors who come at the meeting...!. So there was sex involved as well? I think we should be told!