Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The North South devide will increase and Wales is in the North.

.I'm surprised that more has not been made  of the News from the BBC That.

At least one in 10 people will be unemployed in half of UK regions by 2015, an economic think tank has forecast.

According to the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), the unemployment rate will exceed 10% in Wales and the North of England. The CEBR blamed expected huge cuts to public sector jobs.

The CEBR blamed expected huge cuts to public sector jobs.

You will not be surprised that London and the South of England are expected to escape the worst of the job losses, however.

This may be obvious to some but its important that. We must emphasise this and why this is happening.

If we Look at the Political Map of Britain after the 2010 Election .

We can see on the map on the Left  the position of the Parties However the left map is is some what misleading with regards the swathes of Blue. Whilst  it shows correctly the dominance of the Tories it looks more impressive than it is because the Tories often represent large rural constituencies.
Therefore if you look at the Map on the Right where the constituencies are shown as being of equal size.

From this Map (outside  of London) you can see that there is a great difference between the "Blue" South and the largely "Red" (including Wales and Scotland) North.

This means in the case of the Tories that are areas largely in the North which they do not represent and that they have little inclination to pay  attention to.

It also means in the case of Labour Party that (Because of the large Majorities) the battleground for them  is in the Tory marginal Tory seats in the South.
This is a result of our First past the Post electoral system.

Either way the North (including Wales and Scotland) loose out).

This is why we need proportional representation and in particular the Single Transferable Vote (STV)

Under STV then  virtually every constituency (of 4-6) seats will be represented by more than one Party and this will force elected members to concentrate on working for their constituency.

I understand the argument that this will often lead to coalition governments and the danger of what the American call Pork Barrel Politics in which individual politician can secure spending for localized projects.

However we could legislate for this  and empower the Standards Committee with the power to rule such deals as unconstitutional.

This does not mean that MPs cannot lobby or fight for their constituencies but any decision by government must be based on a honest appraisal.

The North South divide has grown under the last New Labour Government and it will continue to do so under the Con-Lib-Dem. The current proposal that the Introduction of AV will somehow make things better is just plain wrong.

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