Thursday, 23 September 2010

Peter Black puts his blinkers on again.

Peter Black today seems determined to prove critics like National Left that he cherry picks only positive and open himself to ridicule reports on the Lib-Dems. In his own words

There is a good blog post from Andrew Sparrow on the Guardian website in which he outlines ten things he has learned from attending Liberal Democrat Conference. Obviously a number of journalists were attending our conference for the first time this year and were pleasantly surprised to see that we did not live up to the myth.

Peter then reproduces Numbers 1,2,3,45,6 and 10 somewhat positive analysis by  Andrew Sparrow So what weren’t the highlights according to Peter  ?

Well obviously they are less positive.

7 The alternative vote campaign seems to be in trouble. The polls show support for AV is falling and it is hard to find a Lib Dem confident that AV will get through. Clegg launched the Yes campaign at a rally on Saturday. But some Lib Dems think voters will use the referendum as an excuse to punish the coalition for the cuts and, if the Yes campaigners have got a strategy to deal with this, they haven't bothered to tell anyone what it is yet.

8 Lib Dem relations with the media are getting tetchy. There has been a surprising amount of sniping at the media from the platform this week. Maybe it's just because the Lib Dems are in government. But my cod-psychology theory is that the repressed anger generated by years of being patronised and ignored by the papers is finally erupting.

9 Lib Dem delegates don't necessarily decide policy any more. The Lib Dems are more democratic than the other parties. For years, conference really has decided policy. But this week delegates have been passing motions which, although technically party policy, will not decide what the government does. Whether or not a conference motion influences the coalition will depend on whether or not Clegg fights for it at the cabinet table.

As I wrote Peter has opened himself for ridicule here. Does he really think we are too thick to check Sparrows Blog in full? 
 After the usual hagiography on Wales Home on Welsh Politician in which he has been compared to an Anorak .I would venture to argue is most obvious apparel is Horse blinkers.

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