Sunday, 19 September 2010

Peter Black dissident

You will be as amazed as I am that Peter Black now attending his Party Rally (sorry conference) in Liverpool has found himself in conflict with his colleagues.

Was it over Budget cuts, Trident, abandoning STV for the inferior AV? No it was over a motion calling for a proper legally enforceable code of conduct on how civil servants avoid conflicts of interest when they cease to work for the government and go into the private sector. As Peter tells us

The Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors tabled an amendment calling on the same code to apply to Council officers and urged Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to follow suit.

Now it may well be that the devolved countries would want to follow suit, after all it seems like a good motion, but frankly that is a matter for us and not a Federal Conference, who have no jurisdiction in these matters. It is really none of their business to advise us either way. I argued that the offending passage should be excised but was defeated”.

Well he 's right on this but to call the Liverpool rally (sorry conference) a Federal Conference is valid only  if you accept the myth that the Liberal Democrats are federal party and that La Pasionaria leads a independent Welsh Liberal party.

If this is true then are they self financing will they pay for next years Assembly elections themselves or will they receive cash from their London HQ.

This of course applies to all the Unionist Parties but the Lib-Dems try harder to pretend they are not controlled by Nick Clegg and Cowley Street. They are not like the SDLP who whilst being a separate party take the Labour whip .They should be sitting with Plaid and the SNP but that's another argument.

Peter Black have been right to be a dissenting voice this time but to achieve any credibility he should speak out his Parties sell out to Cameron and the Tories.

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  1. Peter black is a true man of the people, a hero of the blogosphere, a zeppelin of the disenfranchised, an icon of the iconlessasphere, a merchant of the witty political offence, a saracen of defending undefendable arguments that defeat clear logic, a salesman of justice and a better way, a high priest of the Welsh Liberal Democrat church, a comedian of the political battlefield, a sage of a witless arena, a bastion of grand obliqueness, a shrewd pessimist of a life of grapes, an inescaple penseur