Friday, 3 September 2010

Sir Humphrey Appleby. R.I.P.

Sir Humphrey:: The whole Cabinet can give you political advice.

Jim Hacker: They advise me to give more money to

their departments. I need someone on my side.

Sir Humphrey: But I'm on your side.

The whole Civil Service is on your side.

680,000 of us.

Surely that's enough to be going on with.

Jim Hacker: All giving the same advice.

Sir Humphrey: Which proves that it must be correct.

The Key . Yes Prime Minister BBC 1986.

The BBC series Yes Prime Minister showed the Civil service in control of the Politicians but these days our perception is probably more based on the “Thick of it” where it's government advisors who rule the roost.

And surely this is the main question that should be asked of William Hague with the whole Civil service to call on. Why does he need so many special advisors?

Why hasn’t those fearsome defenders “The Tax Payers Alliance” condemned this seeming waste of public money? Could it be because as some of us have long suspected they are mealy a Tory Party front?
I can understand why Ministers as Jim Hacker “need someone on their side” but so many?

Can it be that the Parties in Westminster (all of them) see the position of Special Advisor as a means of training the next generation of MPs?

David Cameron, Dave and Ed Milliband, and Ed Balls all were special advisers payed by the Tax payer and the current house of Commons has many MPs whose virtual whole working life has been previously spent in some capacity in Westminster.

This is what we should be asking about William Hague. Even if he was Gay I could’t give a hoot. I have long come to believe  that as long as Politicians don’t tell me who I can share a bed with, I don’t care who they share a bed with.

And lets face it like many a hetro-sexual male I’ve shared a Hotel bed in the past with another man when circumstances meant there was no other accommodation available. Are people of the same sex going to be questioned about they sexuality when ever they share a room even if there were twin beds in the room?
Lets concentrate on the real scandal and not puerile Homophobic tittle-tattle.

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