Friday, 18 June 2010

William & Harry win free trip to World Cup

Nice to see William and Harry Windsor on their Africa trip. The BBC news was its usual sycophantic self in reporting on these two young men (for a not too arduous visit to a few charities ) receiving a virtual free trip to the World Cup.

Pardon me I thought these two were members of the armed forces. I do not begrudge any soldier a long period of  Rest and Recuperation particularly after a long period of service in a war zone, but these two seem to have an exceptional number. Which also seem to coincide with major sporting events.

Harry to his credit course did serve on a tour of duty  as a "Forward Air Controller to Helmand Province" . where he was a lieutenant in "Blues and Royals' but was pulled after this was disclosed. and despite his and genuin wishes he is unlikely to be deployed in such a capacity again.

However if he wants to serve in the army than he (and his brother) should relinquish all his “Royal” privileges and duties.

I also question how Harry Windsor (not Wales) became an officer. In June 2003, he completed his education at Eton with two A-Levels, obtaining a B in art, and a D. This after the best education on offer. One wonders of the standard of the education of the ordinary squaddie if they are commanded by such a person. His brother had a more respectful A in geography, a C in biology and a B in history of art.

At least the two can probably read a map.

In 6 January 2009, Prince William and Harry (Its actually Henry), were granted their own royal household from their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. The household the two princes will share will have three main staff members, supported by a "small" team. Sir David Manning, the former British ambassador to Washington, will work as a part-time adviser to the princes.

Although a republican I can just about accept their grandmother as Head of State until there is an elected one. But the fact that such a large number of the family also receive great privileges for very little duties is appalling.

When the ordinary soldier even if they have survived intact after serving in Afghanistan or Iraq faces massive psychological problems and a high prospect of ending up in prison (Which Plaid's Elfyn Llwyd has done so much to bring to our attention)  and the news that the  current Coalition government has followed the previous one in giving treatment  a pretty low priority. These "Hobby Soldiers" choosing glamour jobs (e.g. Helicopter Pilot) receiving such privileges is disgrace.

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