Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Rebellion By Rotation?

There are two interesting posts on subordinate central one is a copy of Nick Clegg’s e-mail party members on “why today’s budget is so important and so necessary.” The other is a report that Roger (Who) Williams, the “leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats in Westminster” (What) “has put his neck on the line” by saying that he would not support an increase in VAT in Today’s Budget

Both posts are passed off without comment but perhaps gives us an indication of what the tactics of the Lib-Dems will be over the next 5 years of this govrnment’s term of office.

I predict that come the next General Election every Lib-Dem will have rebelled at some time or other on more that one major issues. Though at no time will any rebellion seriously endanger the coalition government.

Those familiar with Lib-Dem election campaigning, will I suspect agree with me in suspecting that every candidate at the next General Election will have some criticism of government policy but this will solely placed on the shoulders of the Conservatives. Those  Lib-Dem's standing for the Assembly will be very critical of government policy that could be seen as Tory inspired. Whilst claiming they are behaving responsibly and making sacrifices for our benefit. In other words they will cherry pick any policy they can claim that is "Lib-Dem led which appears to be popular with the electorate.

How genuine these rebellions will be I don’t know, and whether this will be by an organised rota would probably be unlikely. However amongst 55 Westminster Lib-Dem MPs (less if you only include backbenchers) for them to come to some form of understanding with the whips who will know the full extent of any potential rebellion, and  it would not be to difficult for about 5 at a time to rebel without doing any damage and so give the impression that they really are on our side.

We will see the start of this” Rebellion By Rotation” this in the response and vote on the Budget.

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