Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Lib-Dems Bomb blows up in their faces.

I thought I’d wait a bit to see what the Lib-Dem bloggers in particular had posted on the budget , before I made my own comment.

Peter Black tries to brazen it out arguing.

“However, it is clear that we had no choice on both counts. Events in Europe meant that we had to act to protect Britain's creditworthiness. The state of the nation's finances and those subsequent events meant that the situation had changed between those elections pronouncements and entering government. The VAT rise was one of the few options available to us to balance the books”.

But Peter, the situation we are in was quite clear during the election. The idea that the Lib-Dems didn’t realise this is ridiculous. For you to argue that the Lib-Dems should be “much more circumspect in future election campaigns”. Is either an admission of dishonesty, or naivety, either of which shows that you and your Party are not worthy of our support.

But subordinate central carries out the Party’s reaction to an absurd level. Stating that.

“Over 50,000 workers will pay no income tax and thousands to get more of their money back”.

La pasionara (or Kirsty Williams) as she is known grabs at a single straw with this press release:. But she completely ignores the fact that this budget will see many of this 50,0000 losing their jobs. And the general consensus expressed by commentators on the budget, is that the poorest amongst us will be worst off.

And we have yet to see the full extent of the cuts in the Public sector, for which we in Wales are over reliant on due to previous government’s policies which saw the decimation of our Industrial and Manufacturing Industries.

The whole employment situation up to now been masked by the fact that so many people are now employed on short term contracts that they do not show up as redundancies.

Council jobs in particular are almost certainly will be cut and these will be amongst the poorer paid.

I predicted in my last Blog that the lib-Dems would cheery pick –popular government policies but I didn’t foresee how barren the tree actually was.

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