Thursday, 24 June 2010

Three Common Misconceptions.

There are a number of misconceptions in popular culture these include.
1. The Song, "If you want to know the time, ask a policeman” refers to the politeness and helpfulness of the British Police.

In fact the song is a satire and comes from Victorian times and is actually referencing the fact that Policemen were renowned for lurking around London Docks, when a Ship of the Line was in, and waiting around, until the Sailors staggered back to the Ship, Rolling Drunk, and then, on the pretext of helping them back to the Ship, would rifle their pockets, and steal their Fob Watches.)

2.The term The Iron Duke refers to the Duke of Wellington’s steadfast leadership.

It actually this refers to his time as Prime Minster (1828-30) where as an opponent of parliamentary reform, he was given the epithet the "Iron Duke" because of the iron shutters he had fixed to his windows to stop the pro-reform mob from breaking them.

3.The Liberal Democrats are a Centre-Left Party.

They are not even a Centre Party or a Centre-Right Party. They are a Populist Party seeking to evaluate  to public attitudes and responding with their policy.

This explains why they initially opposed the Afghan War then remained silent during the campaign (afraid of being condemned as unpatriotic by the tabloids. Then when the war became unpopular again reinstating their opposition.

This populism explains their strength in local government where local leader oppose any potential unpopular measure (usually by checking the editorials in the local newspaper).

Now they have real responsibility however they will have to explain why they are supporting measures such as increasing Vat. Listening to Nick Clegg squirming on this morning’s Today programme gives me the impression that they will not be up to it

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