Thursday, 10 June 2010

Flying the Flag.

I have posted before about my time in London and how I drank in The Stag’s Head in Camden. The Stag’s (alas no more) was an Irish pub, in which not only Irish exile congregated, but Welsh and Scots, as well as people from throughout the World.

One memory is of the European Football Championship of 1996 which was held in England of that year.. The city was bedecked with English flags but the Stag’s remained bare of any.

England reached the semi-final and were to play Germany at Wembley,and we gathered in the Pub to watch it. Just before the start a number of Germans nervously entered, and trying to appear as inconspicuous as possible, settled in to watch the match.

Within 3 minutes Shearer had scored and there was a cheer from the English supporters in the Pub but I could the surprise on the German faces as most of the clientele were silent. Then at 16 Kurnz scored from Germany and the pub erupted. The Germans were now totally perplexed ,and a friend of mine turned to them pointed to a number of the cheering customers, and said “they’re Irish, they’re Welsh and I’m Scottish we don’t want England to win.

Germany went on to win by penalties and eventually win the trophy.

I tell this story because David Cameron yesterday announced that he would be flying the flag of St George over Downing Street for the World Cup and called on all MP’s wherever they come from in the UK pointing at the Nationlist grouping in particular to cheer on England.

I welcome David Cameron’s decision to fly his country’s flag but doubt if Scotland or Wales were the only qualifiers we would have seen the Draig Goch or the Saltire replacing the Union Jack over Downing Street, and his arrogance in expecting our support is an example of the reasons why I, (and many Welsh and Scottish people) will not be supporting England in this contest.

I welcome, and support any English person living in Wales to fly the flag of St George on their cars and from their Houses. What I do not welcome, is our supermarkets (for example) bedecking themselves in this flag as if we were in England, and I wonder if there is a difference in how they treat Wales and Scotland in this respect. (Miserable Old Fart has just returned from Scotland perhaps he can help me here?)

I will not be supporting England in the world Cup. Perhaps when they cease to expect my support.One day I will.

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  1. FWIW I think it's great Dai Cam is going to fly the English flag over No. 10. It'll be a great propaganda coup for the nationalist movement. What greater concrete proof do we need of the reality of English rule?