Sunday, 13 June 2010

Golf, Che, Sardinia and Football.

I completed the “Beating of the Bounds” in Llantrisant yesterday, Thousands turned up in glorious weather and the only drawback was we were not allowed to cross the local golf course as is our custom. Since the event is staged every 7 years I find the claim that that the were holding a tournament dubious. Why does golf hold so much power? I think the answer is obvious. They regard themselves as an elite and are indulged as such.

Still after the journey my friends and I retreated to a local pub to ease our aching limbs where the England-USA was on TV. I has changed my T-shirt for one that dictated Che Guevera wearing Sardinian headdress with the motto “Hasta La Berritta Siemmpre”. Which translates as something like “The berretta is for ever”, referring to the headdress and possibly a Sardinian pun on the weapon.

Nevertheless the irony of myself wearing a Che T-shirt, whilst cheering the USA did occur to me, and perhaps I am carrying the Anyone but England (ABE) a little to far.

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