Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Last Voyage of the SS Subprime

When the SS Subprime set sail on her final voyage. Few had expressed concern over her sea worthiness. Afterwards some like Lieutenant Cable dug up some reports they has written, where they pointed out some of the parent company failing: but in truth it wasn't as devastating as he and some of the Media were to latter claim.

At first sight the ship looked fine: but a fresh paint job hid the rust and cracks in the infrastructure and because of the Company owners and management cutbacks the boilers were in a poor state of repair. After the Subprime sank of course the media would use the phrase “a disaster waiting to happen” in article after article, but in truth they were in themselves responsible for it for, failing to read the signs.

It proved that to be in Mid Atlantic that one of the boilers blew up rupturing one of the sides of the ship and the Subprime began sinking.

It was then discovered that because of company policy which (successive boards) had allowed) there were only a few life boats and not enough lifejackets for every passenger and crew member.

The result was that mostly only first class passengers and senior crew members were allowed on the lifeboats. It would later be shown that some of these were company owners & mangers who had allowed the SS Subprime to get into its appalling state. Some suffered an appalling time but they all were to survive the disaster.

Most of the second class passengers and the rest of the crew were given lifejackets and although a large number were to perish most managed to survive the disaster.

None of the third class passengers and some of the lower order crew were given lifejackets. Nearly all were to perish.

A year on and there was reshuffle on the watchdog that supervised the industry. The previous chairman Mr Brown was replaced by Mr Cameron who in a surprise move Made Mr Clegg (a former vocal opponent of his) his deputy and Lieutenant Cable was given a seat on the committee  where he was to remain strangely silent... The reshuffle however made no difference.

Later after an initial attack on the company and calls for reform by both Media &  some Board members it was argued that the third class passengers were responsible for their own fate. It was said by one of Mr Cameron 's spokesmen that "they should have tried harder to be more inventive and worked harder to escape", and the 1st class passengers would be later "applauded for their courage and given as an example of how to survive a disaster".

After all said Mr Cameron when it comes to plans for the future "We are all in the same boat".

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