Saturday, 24 October 2020

Tory hypocrisy over non-essential goods in supermarkets

 OK  the call by Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford banning  on selling non-essential goods in supermarkets and other food shops is “fair play” as the nation prepares to go into a ‘fire break’ lockdown at 6pm. last night seems a bit twp to say the least.

Nation Cymru report that. 

The Welsh Conservatives have said that the ruling amounts to a “misguided over-reach” and would leave many convenience store owners “confused and at risk of abuse”.

But speaking at today’s pre-lockdown press conference Mark Drakeford defended the decision, saying that it was only fair on shops that would have to close.

“It is a simple matter of fair play,” he said. “We are requiring many hundreds of small business to close on the high street right across Wales.

“We cannot do that and then allow supermarkets to sell goods that those people are unable to sell.

“And we are looking to minimise the amount of time people spend out of their homes during this two-week period.

“This is not a period to be browsing around supermarkets looking for non-essential goods.

Of course Tory Senedd  member  Andrew RT (what ever it is I'm against) Davies) did not approve.

This is an absolute disgrace from Labour ministers. How on earth is a phone not classed as an essential item? The absurd list also includes electrical goods, clothes & homeware. Do write to your Welsh Labour MS & MP & demand this to be ditched.

A fair point you might think but the suggestion to do this was made by a Tory member.

Replying to
Tories wanted this. They said supermarkets coils sell non essential items whilst small shops could not open. listened, amended law so no no advantage to supermarkets. It's what Tories wanted.

So apparently the First Minister listened to the Tories , then got slammed  for carrying out what they apparently wanted.

Maybe it was a trap ask what seems a reasonable question get the First Minister to adopt a solution and  then highlight the absurdity of it.

The Firs Minister has left an open goal, but it is the equivalent of seeing an opponent claiming an injury and whilst showing concern an other from the opposing side , hit  the net.

First Minister may have egg on his face, but its nothing to the hypocrisy shown by  Andrew RT (what ever it is I'm against) Davies and his colleagues.

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